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And again I lean back into the sofa cushions.
A few minutes later there was a knock.
Looks like he can’t be quiet.
The slave sat by the bed.
– As you understand, today we will go to the bartender.
– With these words, I gave him a kissing leg-In the club today is a masquerade.
With trepidation, he took my leg in his hands.
Softly slid lips over stockings.
I was pleased to look at it.
– Therefore, today you will need to wear costumes.
By the way, I want you to be in the form of a girl today.
I saw him flinch.
I did not know what he was thinking, but I knew that he did not want to finish the kisses.
However, it was necessary to gather and I unceremoniously pushed him.
The slave pressed his belly to the carpet, not whining, not sobbing.
I got up and went to the dressing room.
– mm.
What would you wear.
– I was walking between the rows of clothes, already knowing who today would be my adorable bitch-come here.
After a couple of minutes, he sat on a chair, and watched his transformations in the mirror.
My slave has a frail appearance, if I did not know him so well, I would call him a porcelain boy. Webcam sex chat.

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