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curiosity was in Nikita’s gaze, and Andrei, still holding Nikitin’s excited member in his palm, could not help noting to himself that there’s really some kind of paradox in this whole story: the guy was fucking, blinking, but he doesn’t remember and not remembering this, he seemed not to fuck, not blissed out – there was no such thing.
It turned out that the penetration of the penis into the anus, the movements of the penis in the heat of the burning hole, the thrill associated with this, crowning the action, the sweetest orgasm – all this in itself means absolutely nothing if, having woken up, you don’t remember anything.
and if you remember, it fundamentally changes something? Blue, not blue – what’s the difference? Predisposition to same-sex sex is not in the sense of sexual orientation, but in the sense of potential readiness that everyone has such sex – this predisposition is given initially, and in this sense everything is blue, but everything cannot be blue in the sense in which this word is used.
“blue or not?” – Nikita asked, and you can answer him at least that way, at least that way.
everything will be right and wrong at the same time! “You, Nikita, are not blue,” Andrew said shortly, with pleasure pressing into Nikitino’s hip with his tensely buzzing member.

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– I answered your question? – I answered, – Nikita, gliding over Andreev’s face, smiled slightly.
– But I knew the answer to this question myself.
but you answer me another question.
– The answer to which you also know yourself? – Andrei, speaking of this, gently squeezed Nikitin’s member in his palm.
– I could have you, Nikita, now also ask a question to which I know the answer.
Andrew, looking Nikita in the eye with questioning, gently moved his hand, moving the foreskin on Nikitin’s member, but Nikita did not

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pay attention to this.
or pretended that he did not pay attention? In any case, Nikita did not react at all, – looking into Andrei’s eyes, Nikita said cheerfully, vigorously, and passionately, “And you ask.”
You ask your question and we will see if you know the answer or not! “I know,” Andrew grunted.
– But if you want to check it out.
easy! Now we will check.
And Nikita didn’t have time to figure out anything in response, as Andrei again found himself on it – he leaned on top, again crushed Nikitino’s prostrate body under himself, having pushed himself a member of Nikita into the groin.
oh, what a thrill it was – to bend under Nikita! Andrew, squeezing the buttocks, with a force pressed a member into Nikita, at the same time feeling the hot hardness of Nikitin’s member.
it was a thrill – to feel the weight of Andreev’s body, to feel his intensely hard cock, pressing into the groin with burning heat, – slowly lowering his head, Andrei opened his lips, and Nikita, seeing this, quite unconsciously moved his lips. Watch free movie sex online.

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