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Then, I remember, the former taxi driver won, whom I, as a reward from gladiators, immediately transferred to status six and, according to your will, the duty sailor who met us on the island on the first day of our visit killed him with an oar.
The people exulted.
Such a Governor, they waited more than a dozen years.
The men of the island were delighted with the BEER.
For them, this was equivalent to the invention of the wheel.
Beer bars with the same name “WAISWALD” on the island were at a distance of one bus stop, and shrimps baked in sue became a favorite snack.

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The first three months after the terrible status was removed, it was addictive and adaptation, so my story about Aniri and Midava begins after July 30, 2009, when Black Thursday became a milestone in the countdown after the final, as it seemed to us then, the loss of hope to go back: Chapter 4 They already the third month lived in the hotel for an hour.
They liked it there.
Nearby was the central market, in which they nearly found themselves tied to the pillory.
In the morning they were woken by roosters.
Nothing needed to be done in time and without desire.
The caste that they were assigned to now allowed it.
Aniri stretched.
She loved to undress in front of Midav and to recognize the power of her firmly knit and at the same time tender body.

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Especially if you haven’t seen him for a long time.
For three days, Midav spent the Sejm on the confirmation of the post of judge and executor of the tribunal’s sentences.
Aniri missed a lot.
Since childhood, she had a habit of watching herself from the outside and analyze her actions as an outside contemplator.
The situation itself was usually embarrassing for her: a woman who exposes her body for pleasure, as a rule, is an unloved man.
But when a man became not a stranger, the sensations were dulled, if only he did not have a sophisticated fantasy, which occurs, oddly enough, quite rarely.
Midav was just that.
Perhaps, this is why Aniri still could not stop: Having checked whether the white gold cross, which Midav always considered to be a tin one, she pulled her blouse over her head.
Her breasts lifted for a moment together with a narrow matter, but immediately they saw where they were more spacious and slipped out to freedom.
Aniri had beautiful hair that gently fell down to her below her shoulders and seemed alive – with such affection they naked to her bare skin.
Turning her back to Midawa, she leaned slightly over the sofa and pulled her panties off her hips.
She adored this feeling when everything below the belly covered fresh air and the whole body sang: naked, naked! Now she has only shoes with high heels.
Mead only now found his voice.
“You have to say you want me.”
Aniri came closer.
The floor in the room was concrete, and the heels of her shoes made an exciting clatter.
Aniri believed that a nude woman should never walk barefoot.
And not at all because then her leg line appears in the most unfavorable light.
Just nudity, if it is intended for seduction, excitement or admiration, should always be covered.
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