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I want to piss.
Let’s arrange the “golden rain”.
Take action
Natasha, sitting in front of me on her knees, took hold of her breasts, lifted her head, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, into which the first jet of my urine, which I sent to her face, splashed, held her limp.
Hitting the tongue, the urine splashed in different directions, scattering in small droplets, which settled on her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.
I just raised my cock and jet, loudly murmuring, hit deep into the throat of my mistress.
Foaming, urine disappeared in her throat.
Then I shook my hips and spattered Natasha’s entire face with my urine, especially in front of my eyes.
Lowering the jet, I urinated on my chest, which Natalia substituted for me, trying to write on her nipples.
When the urine ended, I shook the end.
Great! – choked out Natalya with eyes happy with happiness.
Wow! – this is me, sitting down and finding that my mistress, was taking a warm shower, sitting ass on a bottle.
A bottle filled to half with champagne was inserted by a third into it.
I grabbed the bottom of the bottle and pressed it to the floor.
Natasha began to squat and stand up, fucking her ass bottle.
Aaaaaa! She moaned.
Sit on the sofa.
She got up from the bottle and sat on the sofa.
She first raised her legs high up, then threw her feet over her head and pressed them with her elbows.

The girl with her fingers spread her sex lips wide apart, stretching and opening the vagina.

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Taking a bottle of champagne, I introduced it with a neck into her vulva.
Starting to fuck Natasha with a bottle, I licked her clit a couple of times.
Noticing that the champagne from churning foamed and partially poured into the mistress, I pulled out the bottle.
Gushing champagne doused my face.
I tried to swallow and drink it, catching the jet mouth and substituting tongue.
At some point, I realized that the champagne was over, as the jet that beat in my mouth became

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This is already Natasha wrote to me.
I allowed to shower me in a “golden rain”.
Late night.
I hope everything was not too shocking.
– Natalya squeezed into me lying in bed.
Her hand gently jerked my dick, foot lay on top of mine.
Her head rested on my chest.
She tried not to look me in the eye.
Why so.
Very shocking.
Didn’t you like it? Liked.
– she raised her head.
– But I love you.
I love you too.
– I said putting my lips under her tender kiss.
Having embraced Natasha, I felt how she was trying to dissolve in me, clinging strongly.
My name is Alexander.
At the time of what was happening I was nineteen years old.
I was the most ordinary guy, with the most ordinary family – Dad, Mom and I.
Usually, mothers were not at home for a long time because of her work and business trips, and father came late.
Therefore, I had to occupy myself with something after the university.
By the way, about my appearance.
I was a pretty tall, handsome guy.
But, it just so happened, I had, well, just a very girlish figure, because of which I was sometimes teased.
My hips were very female.
Even mom was surprised: – “How is that? The boy, and such a girlish priest? “.
I have brown eyes and dark hair, about half a meter long.
And the most amazing thing was that my body always remained smooth.
Well, absolutely no hairs.
And I really liked it.
Once there was absolutely no one at home.
Dad said he would linger at work, and mom was in another city, at work.
I wandered around the apartment from idleness and thought that you can go into the parental bedroom.
I entered and it was my mother’s wardrobe that immediately caught my eye. Top 10 online sex games.

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