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The train was about to come.
He reached the platform and, sitting on the concrete parapet, due to the absence of benches, he began to wait.
Easy uncertainty settled in him at that moment when he realized that he had not seen his aunt for more than four years, and there is nothing to say about her daughter at all.
The last time they crossed was at the age of twelve, and she left not the most flattering memories of herself.
The capricious and spoiled girl spoiled all the joint rest with her behavior.
However, being a rational man, but romantic, the young man hoped that his age had changed that girl, and her narcissism was lost on the way to the present.
With these thoughts he greeted the approaching train.
An unfriendly voice announced her arrival, and a long strip of carriages appeared in the distance.
The young man rose from his seat, and when the composition stopped he began to peer intently at the faces of the people leaving the platform.
Excuse me, are you Andrew? – He heard a voice behind him.

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He turned and saw two women in front of him.
One of them, a slender lady of about forty, looked intently at him, waiting for an answer, in her he recognized his aunt.
Time almost did not touch her.
Only a few mimic wrinkles became noticeably stronger, well, and black long hair has now turned into a square of medium length.

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Her companion was without a doubt the aunt’s daughter, but her Andrei would never have known if she were alone.
A girl of medium height was hardly on his shoulder.
Her figure could not be distinguished under a wide sweater, so unexpected in hot weather and a long skirt to the ground.
The only explanation for such a dress was that the girl was hiding her fullness, the young man judged.
Her face, framed by the same black hair as her mother, was pale, which gave her a homebody.
Yes, it’s me, – smiled Andrey, – hello, Aunt Asya, you look great.
Oh, come on, ”the aunt laughed and turned to her daughter.
She stood, head down, and squinted in the direction of the car, the doors of which treacherously closed.
And you must be Christina, – the guy guessed.
Yes, hello, – muttered the girl and watched the train drove away.
The young man obligingly took women’s bags and led them away from the station.
Cute talking with my aunt, they went through the whole town and got to the bus stop.
All this time Christina kept silence.
Here is not far the river, – said Andrei, – you can walk to it and take a swim.
It would not be bad, ”Aunt Asya said enthusiastically.
They looked at Christina.
I am without a swimsuit, – the girl confusedly informed.
Great trouble – exclaimed her cheerful mother – go to the river.
I’ll wait for you here, ”Christina tried to resist.
Come on, let’s go for a walk, – imitating the manner of Aunt Asi, exclaimed Andrey, and slightly hugging her shoulders led him to the path leading to the local beach.
The girl shuddered a little at his touch, but did not resist.
The young man looked at her in surprise.
He could not suppress in himself the feeling that this person was not at all his cousin, she had changed so much, and it was not only about her appearance, but also about her character, behavior, manner of serving herself. Sex pot 2009 online.

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