Sex and the city online serie.

Sex and the city online serie.
The gaze of a stranger was saturated with condemnation, charity.
She felt that there were a lot of unpleasant words in his tongue, and that if you push a stranger, he will say everything he thinks.
Then her thing blush even more, it becomes vulnerable.
But Elizabeth never allowed anyone to open her mouth, especially in relation to her property.
She alone had the right to fake the insignificance with which she rode to the ballet.
Mrs. paid for a taxi and for the collar dragged her companion out of the car.
They became a little way off the road, where all the people waiting for the performance were clearly visible.
Someone hurried inside the theater, someone nervously smoked, hating his wives for a spoiled weekend, and someone was hopelessly waiting for someone.
Young graceful Elizabeth grabbed her slave from the back and put her hand into his pants, biting his teeth hard behind his ear.
– Look at all these people and remember every look in your direction, slutty slut.
And tell me about what ended the Japanese – Russian war, fucking encyclopedia.
Daniel swallowed nervously, as if he had a lump in his throat.
A slight tremor of growing excitement passed through his body, and his voice hesitantly merged with the city noise.
He was a good storyteller, perhaps the best of all:
Luda looked around, her look did not change after she saw a lot of tools and tools for torture.
She was still full of determination.
Her eyes burned with a bold brilliance.
On all it is clear that she is ready for the most difficult trials.
Marina looked at the girl with fear and, at the same time, with respect.
People’s hands were handcuffed behind their backs.
She was dressed in a summer light dress and white shoes.
Martha approached her, and looking intently into her eyes, spoke: – Frau Savostina, I have been waiting for an opportunity to meet you for a long time – One hundred years you would not see – Luda answered evil.

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– In vain you are rude to me, girl – the German said with a smile, because you can pay for it.
“I’m not afraid of you, you are a fascist bitch — In vain, you are so Frau Savostina, I swear for nothing,” Luda continued to smile.
Schulke, about something quietly asking Martha, went up to Luda and unzipped her handcuffs.
The girl rubbed her hands, wrists, and looked around again.
After that, she unexpectedly struck Schulke in the face with her hand.
Not expecting this, the butcher fell to the floor, on his back.
– I will kill you brute – shouted Luda and rushed in the direction of Martha.
Marina and Lena did not understand what had happened, but it was only with some sort of elusive movement that Martha declined Luda and she abruptly collapsed on the floor, frozen.
Awakened to Schulke, she jumped to the girl and, putting her hands behind her back, pressed her knee to the floor.
Luda gave a long, long sigh, and tried to regain her breath.
“Don’t be so nervous, dear young lady,” Martha said again, rubbing her right hand.
Marina and Lena, were simply stunned by all that is happening, especially amazed at Martha’s dexterity and training.
Martha said, something Schulke and she raised, no longer resisting the girl and led her to a pillar, standing in the center of the room.
She tied Luda with her back to the pole, hands behind the pole, and she pulled both legs behind the ankles to the pole.
– Well, calmed down, Frau Savostina? – Martha asked with the same smile.
“Beat, torment me with a creature, just don’t be a bit like a whore !!!!” Luda screamed.
“And it’s customary to punish us for insults,” continued Martha, just smiling mockingly, “for such insults you can get a hundred truncheons on the heels.”
– I do not care about your punishment !!! – shouted Lyuda- you are a bitch and a creature !!!! And for spit how much ??? – the girl spat on Martha’s uniform, without hitting her face.
– That you, in the pioneer detachments are taught this – a German woman asked for a smile – you all spit like one, and for this, I think, a hundred stud on the ass.
– Come on, fascist pig, I’m ready !!!!! – with a smile said Savostina, and in her eyes again appeared determination.
“You are in such a hurry,” continued Martha

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, “we have a lot of time, I will test your resilience.”
Martha said something to Schulke and she left the chamber into the corridor.
Martha walked around the camera and approached the frightened women.
They looked at her inquiringly.
Luda could not see what was happening in this corner of the camera.
Martha patted the girls on the cheeks and walked over to Luda.
– But for the fact that you raised your hand to a German officer, you will have to answer seriously – she turned to the girl. Sex and the city online serie.

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