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Lena, getting the most real pleasure from bullying me, increasingly tormented my face more and more bravely, rubbing its surface with a palm or a finger.
Taking a bottle of cognac, Nastya came up to her, and, stretching out the container, said: “On, take a sip!”, And she began to smooth the inner part of my thigh.
Nastya was the bravest of all the girls.
She looked like a pirate.
Short hair, wide pants, T-shirt, chains and spikes on his hands.
The guy in the skirt is her exact description, although she basically did not wear skirts.
I often noticed that Nastya is actively involved in all activities with the guys, even at dance parties, she freely invited the girl as a partner and, as a joke, pawed her ass and chest.
I often heard from children that they consider Nastya a lesbian-man.
And now, in her eyes, excitement and excitement were clearly read.
Classmates and fellow students looked at me in exactly the same way when they tried to build a relationship with me.
Nastia’s look, warmed up with alcohol, was also full of the desire to possess me.
Her touches, unlike Lena’s touches, were more sensual and had a stronger impact on me.
If I simply hated Lena, then Nastya was frankly frightened, really fearing for her sexual immunity.
“ABOUT! Nastya dorvala to the body! ”- the girls happily gagged:“ Lenka, back off! Let Nastya have some fun! ”Lena, who didn’t have any feelings for me at all but hate, gladly gave me some fun for Nastya.
Nastya, receiving carte blanche for sadism in relation.

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I was not embarrassed by my desires and inclinations, she pressed her lips to the inside of my thigh and began to kiss.
“Oooooh! Born! ”- the girls squealed joyfully:“ Come on Nastya, excite the little chick! ”Nastya, urged on by her friends, lowered lower and lower with her lips over my thigh, approaching the intimate place, leaving a moist trace on the skin.
I have always considered lesbianism a type of illness, a perversion, although sometimes, lying in the bathroom, I presented myself in company with a girlfriend.
So now, the caress of Nastya, I was not at all pleased and did not excite.
Rather, my body is frozen in a daze of horror and disgust.
“Stop it immediately!” I shouted, and did not recognize my voice.
Shrill, sharp, nasty, he cut through the air like a knife.
Nastya, stopping me to caress, lifted herself up and with all her strength put a slap on my face, from which sparks flew from my eyes.
“In! Right! So to her! Let him know who the man is here! ”-

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the girls laughed, and Lena, taking a bedside towel, again stuffed it in my mouth in the form of a gag.
Now I could only moan, and with a twitch of the body, show my displeasure.
Nastya again disappeared between my spread legs, and her lips touched the edge of her panties, right near the entrance of my girl.
From this touch through my body, in spite of my resistance to what was happening, a warm pleasant wave ran through.
I already knew the basic psychophysiological reactions of the human body and understood that with the innervation of certain parts of the body, we can expect a certain reaction.
So now, touching my erogenous zones, in spite of my internally conscious resistance, unconsciously caused the body to respond, expressed in an increased blood flow to my intimate place, increased pressure, increased heart rate and increased sensitivity.
Nastya, apparently, on an intuitive-practical level, knew about it, so, despite my protests, she continued to caress me.
Her tongue, naughty and active, penetrated under the fabric of my panties and began to caress my swelling petals, going along their edge to the clitoris. Pregnant anal webcam.

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