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Yes, and it dries.
A beer in the store a lot.
“Though he was thinking completely about something else.”
Pressing the button of the seventh floor to smooth the nuisance of the moment, Nikolai asked her: – Do you like beer? – Oh, no, that you! – she answered modestly, but, having understood that you should not pretend to be a blue stocking, she continued: – It is bitter, and then it’s uncomfortable to breathe on people.
The smell is stronger than vodka.
– By the way, I have a bottle of vodka at home in the fridge – Nicholas remembered, and continued: – Well, do you drink vodka? – Drink.
– but then she realized herself: – In moderation, of course.
The elevator finished the movement, the doors opened and the neighbor went out and said: – I will return the beer to you.
– Yes, quit! – growled Nikolay and pressed the button of his floor.
There is a man, trying with all his might to look solid, carrying another nonsense.
Nikolai put on sports pants and a T-shirt, sat down in a chair and stretched his legs.
We had to go wash the surviving bottles, and prepare myself something to eat.
– It’s good that at least I put the videotapes in the pockets of my jacket – thought Nikolay: – and then there would be nothing to see now.
Salad of the last cucumbers with tomatoes, flavored with sour cream, and scrambled eggs from three eggs – that’s what his imagination sufficed for.
The washed and wiped bottles were placed in a room on the coffee table.
There, Nikolai suffered a salad with scrambled eggs.
Sticking a cassette into a video recorder, he opened the beer and took a few sips with pleasure.
The screen was already thrashing with automatic weapons when suddenly the bell rang.
Siping another beer, Nikolai went to the front door.

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Looking at the peephole, to his surprise, he saw the confused face of his red-haired neighbor there.
Cursing her, he opened the door and said in surprise: – Come on in.
“I brought you this,” she said, handing over a bottle of vodka: “This is instead of beer.”
– Well, you give! – said Nikolay.
Now it’s his turn to be embarrassed.
And not so much because of an unexpected gift, but rather because of the wonderful change that happened with his companion on the elevator.
The glasses disappeared, and brown eyes, almost black, looked at him.
Together with the unusual color of her hair, it looked fantastic.
Slightly snub-nosed, neat nose, swollen lips and a scattering of

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small freckles.
A very short, tight-fitting body, a blue robe with short sleeves and a deep neckline on her chest, was very close to her figure, and the wasp waist, tied with a belt, wonderfully emphasized the developed chest and slender hips.
– I gave you such a nuisance, but I don’t want to go for a beer in such weather.
– Well, then go into the room, we will drink vodka – suddenly Nikolai blurted out and he himself was surprised at his arrogance.
– What are you, uncomfortable.
– I am Russian on the passport, so I don’t have been accustomed to drinking one since childhood – Nikolay continued to surprise himself: – and besides me there is no one else.
Come quickly into the room! She, slightly wrinkled, uncertainly moved into the interior of the apartment.
Behind the unexpected stranger looked just as attractive – neat, lean ass, slim, muscular legs.
– Sit on the chair, I’ll be right there.
And you put the bottle on the table.
Taking a bottle of beer from the table in the room, he carried them into the kitchen and put them in the fridge.
Having seized piles, Nikolay has returned.
The neighbor sat in the chair, cross-legged, and looked around the room with interest.
– You have a good, cozy – she said: – only very light.
Turn on the floor lamp and turn off the chandelier.
Since childhood, I do not like bright light.
Putting a pile, he fulfilled her request and sat down on the sofa next to him.
Her legs seemed to shine in the dim light and attracted the eyes of Nicholas.
Spilling vodka, he said: – Let’s drink for the return of debts, and at the same time we will get to know each other.
My name is Kolya.
Without any cheating, she replied: – And I have Light.
After drinking without any ordinary women’s antics – supposedly, firmly, a lot, she put her pile, smiled and said: – I like scrambled eggs for vodka, especially with salad! Online sex video tube.

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