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I read somewhere that every woman in the subconscious lives the image of her father as an ideal partner.
– Yes, I also read a lot of all sorts of rubbish – Oh, how clever we are, how well-read.
Nothing that I’m naked here? – Nothing, nothing.
I saw a lot of all sorts of rubbish.
I immediately jumped in order to retire beautifully.
But, in view of the fact that I was lying against the wall, I had to ride across the entire sofa and through big Zhenka, and therefore he easily caught me by the leg, which caused me to fall on his wide chest, almost running my nose over the carpet.
The beautiful departure of the offended diva was seriously blurred.
Zhenka dragged me onto the couch and choked me with a pillow.
I nibbled his finger, pulled out, but was again caught by the leg when I tried to cross my body.
An eared plush hare, presented to me on my birthday while still in a hostel, and now traveling with me around Moscow, has come to hand.
Hare, I cracked Zhenka on the forehead.
– And you, by the way, saw him.
And do not pretend that you do not know.
– It can not be.
“Remember when you and Katka came for the first time?” Do you remember the guy who was sitting on the balcony when you gave me a lecture on astronomy? So, it was him.
– I do not remember.
I do not remember that someone would sit on the balcony.

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But to talk to you about the stars, in my opinion, no one would ever think.
Another blow hare.
– What will you do if he comes now? – I scare Zhenka.
“I’m not proud, I’ll jump off the balcony.”
“You are not brave, here is the first floor.”
– Ah well.
I will not move, I will not even wear underpants.
Come on in, say, namesake, let’s get acquainted.
We already have a common topic of conversation.
The problem was that Zhenya was considered the official friend of my university friend Katka.
As they say, not one bottle was drunk together and more than one night was spent on conversations about what kind of men are bastards and what kind of female friendship is a strong thing.
The same problem was complicated by the fact that I was getting married.
There was a statement in the district Moscow registry office, from which it followed that a certain young man, ironically, was also Zhenya, and I, wanted to marry

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– And you, what will you do if Katka comes to visit out of old habit? – I? Well, you, dear, you set tasks.
I do not know, probably fall through the ground.
Or, too, throw myself from the balcony, just climb higher.
– I wonder how it will look.
You will go up to the last, ninth floor, call the door to strangers, they will open you with the question what you want, girl, and you will silently follow through the apartment, you will begin to tear off the sealed balcony door before the eyes of the amazed owners.
– Not.
I will culturally ask them for permission to throw themselves from their balcony.
– And they will say yes, yes, please, of course, come through.
You can watch the magazines while our grandfather uncouples the balcony door.
– And where did you get that they have not yet torn off the door? June on the street.
– And where did you get that they tore it off? And in general, what do you mean by the word “tore off”? – Oh, how tedious you are! Office sex spy cam.

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