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I’m old already, I still die.
Do not cry in vain.
I just sobbed even louder.
Grandma raised herself on the pillow and said, addressing mom and dad: – Leave everything, I want to talk with Nastya.
Parents came out.
“Nastya,” Grandma extended her hand to me, which was a source of illness.
– Nastya.
I want to tell you my sin and repent before you.
I am terribly guilty before you.
I silently stared at her.
– Nastya.
– Grandma paused, gathering her strength.
“I don’t know if you remember something or not, but it doesn’t matter, I still have to tell you.”
When you were fourteen, I did a terrible thing.
Forgive me, old bitch, if you can.
She sighed.
– I sold your virginity to this man.
He paid well for coming to you at night.
And I, I watered you a sleepy, so that you did not remember anything.
Sorry, daughter.
Grandma coughed.
– P-sorry.
In my eyes darkened.
Numbly, I somehow got up, felt the way out of the room and slammed the door behind me.
Dad picked me up when I suddenly began to sink on the floor, and sat me in a chair.
“Take me out of here,” I could only whisper to him.

2 – Blackberry I woke up at twelve o’clock in the morning on my couch with a terrible headache.
The clothes were on me, the bed was not straightened, not removed from the table.
It would seem the most ordinary morning.
I was already late for two pairs, I had to gather at least a third.
Having got up with difficulty, I went to the kitchen to have a quick snack.
But, looking into the drawer of the table, I did not find there a single pack of instant noodles there. Livejasmin mature recorded.

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