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A pharmacist by profession, my grandmother kept a small village pharmacy, and sometimes I had to help with the inventory of drugs, or even replace her behind the counter when she needed to go somewhere.
However, most of the time I walked and was left to myself.
In the evening, my grandmother and I dined, silently looking at the TV, and before going to bed, she always gave me a cup of hot herbal tea, so that I could sleep better.
I liked this fragrant, very sweet tea so much that I begged her to write my mother a recipe for making it.
But grandmother did not agree.
A few days later the ghost appeared again.
The dream was vague, but almost the same: I saw myself helplessly lying on the bed in my room, while the male silhouette approached silently, took the blanket off me and began to stroke my hair, my shoulders and chest, and then the hips and legs .
I woke up in the morning, trembling and frightened, but at least I was glad that he was not doing me any harm.
The books were old, and the photos were still older: the beginning of the twentieth century or something like that.
The photo was captured man of thirty, tall, in a long coat, but without a hat.
His calm face seemed a little nice to me.
– I do not know, it is from the old tenants left.
– Grandma did not even look at the photo.
– Everything in the attic is not ours, they abandoned it.
I once again looked at the photo and it seemed to me that the figure of a man reminds me of my ghost.
The ghost came to me often: he came almost every night, stroked me, caressed my body with his hands, and I was almost not at all afraid. Lesbian live chat.

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