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Zoya sat at the desk with a skinny long girl, painted blonde with a plastered doll face.
And then she saw Him.
Brunette, the same tall and strong, the subject of her dreams and children’s fantasies.
She did not listen to what the lecturer was saying, she only looked at him, and after the lectures he himself went to their dyed blonde table.
And again Zoya felt the pacification of the heart.
But the brunette turned to her neighbor: What are you doing in the evening? Let’s go somewhere? A lump of annoyance stuck in his throat.
All the way home, she mentally pulled blonde hair, and at the same time and brunette.
In the evening, she climbed into the shower and rubbed herself passionately with a washcloth, still feeling angry.
But gradually the warm water relieved stress, and when Zoya sent a shower trickle between her legs, she felt such a pleasant tickling that she wanted to do it again and again.
She increased the pressure, spread her legs wider and enjoyed this feeling for at least half an hour.
And then fantasies began to appear in her head.
No, not red Vitka and not handsome brunette, but someone special, someone most gentle and the most beautiful in the world will caress his palm here in her palm.

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Zoya rubbed the tubercle in the upper corner of the labia sponge with her palm and a wave of pleasure even more rolled over her, the pleasant warmth came to the lower abdomen.
She presented a tense penis, as if it touches this tubercle, and then pushes her lips with her head.
Zoya put her middle finger to the entrance to the vagina and slightly deepened it into her bosom, and continued to rub the clitoris with her thumb until the wave of

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fabulous pleasure carried her out of the bathroom straight to heaven.
Yes, she flies without feeling her body, only sharp, like electric discharges, tremors of pleasure penetrated her all the way to the very depths and this fabulous feeling of flying! Here are the sharp impulses that made her shudder, stopped, but remained lightness, relaxation and a sense of peace.
Zoya turned off the water, dried off and put on a robe.
Mom was not at home, dinner was left for her in the fridge, but she didn’t want to eat.
She was still experiencing the sensations in the bathroom.
Lord, how nice.
Now she doesn’t need anybody, either a handsome brunet, neither a blonde, nor a redhead Vitka.
She herself can send herself to a fabulous country.
Even before her, in her childhood, she had a pleasant feeling of touching her sexual lips, but her mother always strictly told her that she couldn’t touch her pussy.
But why? What’s bad about it? After all, this place is specially designed by nature for pleasure.
What does it matter who will caress him and bring him to a frenzy – you yourself or someone else. Jasmin live sex chat.

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