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Mrs., moaning sweetly from under her covered eyelashes, is watching my actions.
Before my eyes a slightly sweaty crotch, shedding my way, my tongue is embedded in the vagina, licking and sucking all this pink and soothing splendor.
As starved, with a moan of admiration, I clutch my lips with a clitoris with a ringlet and a bryulik.
Pulling him off the base of the suck and licking him to an internal hysteria.
But you can not leave anything for later.

And I throw my tongue again into the gaping anus.
The alternation of anal and vaginal caresses, my diligence and tenderness are rewarded: Mistress tremulously, almost crying from the growing buzz, ends, pouring me juices from all the holes.
The sovereign “Right of the first orgasm” of the Mrs. is realized, it is possible for me, the wretched high.
I am waiting for his last twitches.
and sediments of a satisfied body.
Her hands let go of the legs, the heels of which fall on my head, t.
I sink on my knees by the chair.
I understand that I can finish and I masturbate with heels on my head, licking my anus and pussy.

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I put a clitoris in my mouth, but Mistress pushes my head down my cheek.
The clitoris is still excited and requires rest, and I achieve a great orgasm, licking first the cooling vagina, then the wet anal ring.
A small respite, and at the behest of the Lady, I bring to her a huge dish with fruit slices, vases with berries, juices, nectars, fruit delicacies and sweets.
I set the dish on the serving table so that it is convenient to use.
My place is on her knees at her feet.
Mrs. begins the meal, sitting in a chair.
A few sips of juice, a slice of pineapple, a few grapes, half a peach, a vase ice cream and chocolate mousse are eaten.
Mrs. throws her legs, takes a cigarette, inserts it into the mouthpiece, and I offer her a burning black candle, she lights a cigarette and takes the candle.
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