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It’s just not possible to take a look away from it.
I understand that we need to see all this.
And that we will never be the same as before.
It is evening.
We counted 21 freaks (somehow it does not turn the language to call them people).
I turn to you and see wide eyes in which horror and hatred splashes.
Well, it’s our time.
By the way, where is the second woman? She is nowhere to be found.
I decide to take a sortie and see what happens in the gangster camp.
I leave you a pistol, sniper cartridges and spare horns from a machine gun.
All this will prevent me from moving through the forest.
Where rushes, and where I crawl to their camp.
Creeping close enough to look out.
I am shocked.
The second woman is sitting in an army shirt, apparently handed over by one of the gangsters, and calmly talking to the Elder.
They are both sober and quite adequate.
Apparently, that would not understand others, they speak with each other in RUSSIAN.
From the conversation, it becomes clear that Stadiy studied in Moscow at the same institute and all this nightmare was planned by her for the purpose of receiving an inheritance.
It turns out she had recently married a wealthy banker (who, apparently, was being raped in the anus in a clearing).
His family naturally did not accept her and began to plot machinations, setting him against her.
Then she planned this boat trip.
So that no one would suspect anything, invited friends and contacted her black-eyed acquaintance.
The bandits were going to demand a ransom for them.
Everything went wrong after one of the prisoners was shot in the knee.
Therefore, they expect that commandos will arrive instead of ransom.
And the elder will gladly give his “tribe” for meat.
Everything will be sewn-covered.
He was not going to share with anyone anyway.
All of them (both prisoners and bandits) will be killed, a woman will become a rich widow, and the Elder will receive (or has already received) her share.

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So it was explained why the Senior does not demand to stop the mess, set up posts not to take drugs.
Another person bustles around the radio, setting it up for transmission.
Meanwhile, the woman gently takes off his shirt, kneels and takes the Elder’s cock in her mouth.
For some reason it seems to me that this is not their first.
The radio operator looks around, but the older one cries out loudly to him, he puts on his headphones and looks into the walkie-talkie.
Wow how disgusting I am! I decide to take the risk, all the same, in the clearing, gunshots and drunken cries are heard.
A couple of copulating villains stand back to me.
Rather, a man stands with his back, and a woman is kneeling in front of him.
I see only his ass and her hands, clinging to it.
To them 20 meters.
For the machine, nothing.
I am sending the cartridge to the chamber and waiting.
After some time shots are heard from the clearing.
I gently push the trigger down and overtake a couple of rounds right into this black ass.
A scream is heard.
The radio operator does not turn: To his misfortune.
The next three shots are at him.
I blew him half the skull.
Without hiding, I approach a couple.
I did everything right.
The bullets went through and hit the young lady in the face, from which nothing was left.
Glorious completion of a blow job.
The elder is still alive, but his pelvis is split and his spine is broken.
I turn him on his back, insert the muzzle into his mouth and press the trigger.
The shot is almost inaudible.
Looking around the young lady.
Op-pa: and she is still alive.
Apparently the cartridge ricocheted.
Her eye is knocked out and, in my opinion, her nose is broken.
But it does not matter.
I am visited by a crazy thought.
Apparently I have been looking at what was happening in the meadow for too long.
I tear off her melt, spread my legs and insert the barrel of the machine into the vagina.
And gently press the trigger.
Now that’s it.
Damn, she got me dirty! In addition to disgust, it does not cause anything.
Dog a dog’s death.
I drag the bodies into the forest and cover with branches.
Back to camp again.
Blood is useless to wash, it is a lot.
Therefore, I just fall asleep with sand.
The transmitter is on again.
There is a crackling sound.
Turn it off.
Then I look around and see a set of tools.
And in it

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is a long thin screwdriver.
Oh, that’s what you need.
I take it and hurry to you.
I crawl up to you, you look around frightened, but then you calm down.
How are you? They slowly reach – you say.
I briefly tell you what happened in the camp.
Correctly done, only you say.
It is clear that the bandits are no longer able to patrol the island and I send you to our camp to bring coal to smear your face. Https en chaturbate com 30to50 cams.

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