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Hidden camera sister masturbation.
Substitute your cup.
– the guy warns in time.
I look at the cramps, accompanied by lustful sounds – and now the second portion of his sperm – all in the same glass of wine.
Mixed with the previous one.
Igor is relaxed after an orgasm.
Breathing with relief.
But I – add the intensity in the device! AAAAA !!! Shit Come on! I just let it down – and you turn it on again !!!? – Be silent !!!! I warned you – THREE sticks.
– Here is a bitch, bleat! Well you understand that after this, I can not Lenka ot # bat !!! Pause.
I quietly turned off the device.
Well, the Maniac !!! – enough.
come on end PIDOR, I’ll train you in the shit.
Do you understand that you will untie me anyway ???? – TRAVEL.
– my answer.
I lean back in my chair and pick up a cup of coffee again.
Maniac! – If you yell, I will turn on the device on THREE sticks.
– quietly so I warn you.
Oh, how everything is relative.
Igorek becomes good again! – Sanya, dear! well, is it really incomprehensible – I’ve already covered my workout, oh, it’s not enough – Lenka won’t stay in a bathhouse.
Well, what about me? # I intervene here with your problems boy? Yes ot # be you from me as soon as possible – with your devices – do you need me at x # th? !!! Clearly, Igor is with you.
But you still have to go through my program.
I turn on the device again.
Igor is dented.
angrily looks into my eyes.
I maintain a look, seeing as a stimulant not only distracts, but also forces Igor to be distracted.
Relaxing again.
What a suspicious pause.
Igorek sees a clear end of the program.
Promises must be fulfilled.

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It’s time to unleash the caught.
What to do?.
I make the last attempt to get close.
I went over and hugged the friend in a friendly way.
– Igorek! You became close to me, I saw all your most intimate reactions – I WANT you to understand me – I’m not a maniac, but just a lonely guy, with my own problems, not knowing how you can ask your peer.
And all that you have experienced is in fact the fruit of my fantasies, although of course, DEVICE is the result.
I experienced it myself for several months before you connect to it.
And further.
I beg you very much – look at my balls and x # y – You will probably understand why I made this up.
And now, without feeling shy, I pulled off my trousers and fusions in front of the crucified Igor, allowing my longing coveted member to jump out almost in full tension outside.
To be honest, my 21 centimeters in full tension differed significantly from the Igor size.
And it probably made the necessary impression on him, which I sought so hard.
Probably – this was the last straw in overcoming his “dense foundations”.
I do not know.
what happened yet.
but HE SAW the cause of my curiosity! Igor suddenly changed.
Perhaps the last frankness broke through his obstinacy, and maybe the memories of unusual orgasms played a role! The guy suddenly changed, became natural, stopped playing bravado in his behavior or everything layered within the framework of standard behavior! Igor, in the shackles – he pulled his face close close – he kissed me as best he could.
Sasha! Forgive me, I did not understand at first ,.
I just thought you were an idiot, or a sex maniac.
But the fact that you produced it by me made me look at the world differently – not only boys and girls, it turns out that quite mutual sympathy can also occur among the boys.
And you proved in practice that you can deliver a boy no less, and sometimes a much greater sexual pleasure than a

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simple girl, not going further than a blowjob.
I fearlessly untied him! What happened next?
Everyone understands.
There was no revenge, no just anger, no complaints about the time spent.
We met later, with sympathy, knowing what happened between us in the past.
We have purposely forgotten TWO of all this.
(it remains our “skeleton in the closet”) We became close later, close friends – to the present. Hidden camera sister masturbation.

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