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Following the advice of her acquaintances, Lina appealed to the police, asking them to evict the stepmother and stepfather from the apartment, but it turned out that according to our laws this could not be done.
The stepmother had time to register the marriage with the father and register, and her partner, in turn, registered with the stepmother, and also registered.
Legally, the apartment does not belong to them, they have no right to sell it, and they can live as long as they want.
Now, if her stepfather had raped her, then it would be another matter, but now they feed her, pay her rent, do not oppress, do not expel her.
So her claims are unfounded.

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What up stepfather.
Yes, such cases occur quite often, but it is difficult to bring to justice for harassment of the adopted daughter, and it is almost impossible to prove it, and he should even rape with witnesses.
Exit prompted stepmother: And you marry get out! When my husband is near, my dog ??will stop pestering you.
Lina did not even have time to think about how the stepmother organized the matchmakers.
Lina liked the guy, there was no one to choose from, she wanted to get rid of her stepfather’s claws as soon as possible, and she agreed.
Stepmother and arranged a wedding, apparently, she, nevertheless, did not like the behavior of the partner, and maybe she was afraid that this could end badly.
However, the wedding, in the full sense of the word, was not: no veils, no wedding dress, no suit, no rings.

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Simply, the young were taken to the registry office, and at home they organized an evening to which several friends of their stepfather and stepmother were invited.
Lina was ashamed to invite her friends, having decided that this company was not for them.
They started drinking at four o’clock, and at five they were all already drunk, throaty thieves, forced to drink the young, and every minute they cried: Bitter! Oleg did not know how to kiss, he was rude, obviously working for the public, he sounded his lips audibly.
Lina was disgusted by his kisses, and this wedding is disgusting, and this is a bunch of drunken men.
Trying to blunt the disgust for everything that happens, she drank along with everyone else, did not miss a single glass, and by the evening was drunk, along with her newly-made husband.

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