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I felt the approach of an orgasm, which I had not experienced in my life.
“Repeat after me: I am a whore, whore, the property of Maria Andreevna, a cheap prostitute who gives to all who are ordered” –

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my tormentor did not let up.
“Open your eyes and look at me, fucking bitch!”.
I was already thinking badly, I really wanted to finish, I opened my eyes and looking right into the camera began to repeat like insane: “Yes, I am a whore whore fucking female ebi I also want to please please fuck me I am a thing I own your property Masha still want ah please oo damn I whore i fucking fucking i’m now i’m already about mashenka yes i am yours i’m aaaaaaaaaaaaa “.
The orgasm was so strong that I could not hold back the scream, I was rushing on the sofa, moaning growling, said something incoherently, rubbed my nipples and squeezed my breasts, dug my nails into the skin and finished, finished, finished.
Fingers continued to slide in me like clockwork, it was very wet, there was already a puddle on the sofa, and Masha kept moving her fingers in me, causing new waves of orgasm.
When I calmed down and stretched out with my whole body, she said with a grin: “Here is a bitch! You end up well.

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I like.
I almost dropped the phone. ”
“God, she took it all off.
all that I said, as I finished, all this is in the video.
Here I am. ”
But oddly enough, this thought did not frighten me at all.
I felt so good that I could not and did not want to move and think.
You were good.
, my girl? “- again this soft gentle voice.
I was so wound up by these constant changes in voice and behavior.
Unable to say a word, I just nodded.
“You were so wet, it got me all dirty, here, try it.”
At first I felt the familiar tart smell, and then Masha’s wet fingers stuck into my lips, smeared with my juices.
I missed them in my mouth and licked.
“Look at me”.
I open my eyes and look into the now familiar smartphone camera.
“Clever girl, and now you need to clean and all that flowed from you.”
I did not immediately understand and just started from a powerful shout: “What are you lying, whore? Clean everything that has flowed from your fucking pussy!”
MM Masha like games of submission? Well, I adore them too.
And for such an orgasm, I’m not only ready to clean the sofa, I’m ready to lick the whole office with your tongue, ”thoughts flashed through my head.
And I myself got up, threw off the remnants of already unnecessary clothes and knelt down.
There was a pool of liquid on the couch.
I got the crustacean in front of the sofa, tasted the spicy liquid.
licked more and more.
I tried to arrange a small show for my new owner, I flexed my back, waggled my ass lustfully, licked everything off the skin of the sofa and moaned.
I didn’t pay attention to the camera. Game sex hot online.

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