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I always liked her, because she was still the same type of tall beautiful blonde with a little sad eyes, and she looked a lot like Natalia Vetlitskaya.
For many years I could have wanted Zhanna from a distance determined by her marital status, but then I was completely missing out on anyone.
Then a peasant somewhere somewhere flew in large, was forced to hide for a couple of years, I somehow naturally began to help Jeannette on trifles like the man’s wife who was not quite a stranger.
) – because of this, it’s quite possible, maybe everything has been boiling for a long time and just coincided in time – I don’t know.
During this time I discovered for myself that she was not at all a domestic chicken, which always seemed to me, causing a feeling of easy annoyance, but an easy and elegant man in communication and, most importantly, quite intelligent, for a woman, of course.
Regarding her family affairs in a number of events, I could well assume that they were all on the verge of breaking up, which in some way calmed me in moral and ethical terms.
I also found out that I myself was at least not disgusting for her, and here it was already a matter of technique and time to dismiss the peacock tail of charm.

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In short, one day we eventually somehow organically moved into bed.
Then more and more.
The bed with her turned out to be so good that it naturally turned me over, in other words, I simply fell in love with it, which I didn’t expect from myself at my age, and I also explained this to Jeanne.
After that, a whole year seriously, I could only think about having sex with her.
I punctured at home several times, which I never allowed before in my life, and my egg sufferings also could not but affect the business.
It got to the point that I seriously began to think in order to divorce Galina and rush into the maelstrom of my third marriage, although I clearly realized that playing the same game three times is just silly.
I could not create an ideal family from two attempts – where is the guarantee that it will turn out from the third time? But whatever the Lord does, and so be it.

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Apparently, Zhanna and I were not destined to become new, though not a young cell of society.
Her faithful returned from the runnings, she became much worse with her free time, my work schedule also changed, she took off the hut where we used to spend our days in the genital joys, it became unprofitable, we met less and less.
Everything was still the same, in the days when we didn’t see each other, we sent each other passionate emails, but it was getting colder.
Not revived with new and new portions of sex, our relationship began to fade like a campfire without firewood.
It became obvious that nothing but a bed could serve as cement in our novel. Free live sex tv.

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