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We went to the terrace and understood why women were having so much fun.
Already well-weeping Waha tried to show knowledge, hip hop in dance.
It was really funny.
After that, the boy became ill at ease and David took him to the house for a bit of sleep.
Then we settled on the terrace in conversations.
At one point, I noticed that Natusia was on her knees and Esma was playing with her hair, and the very disposition of all of us.
David and I sat opposite the women.
It seemed to me that it was necessary to defuse the situation and I asked Esma if she could tell me a little about the garden.
I was really interested in some of the details.
Esma agreed with pleasure.
The two of us went to the garden, and Nat and David were left to cook kebabs for the evening.
A walk in the garden took a few hours, Esma turned out to be an amazing gardener and we were able to talk

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heart to heart.
When we rushed to the terrace, we heard the laughter of my wife and smelled the smell of burnt kebabs.
At some point, we met Esma with looks, and she froze looking into my eyes.
I gently ran my hand over her cheek and she let go of her eyes on the ground.
Then she abruptly approached me in tight, and gently kissed me on the lips.
– Do not think that I am a depraved woman.
you are the first alien man who for so many years talked with me so simply.

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this kiss, you reward for the fact that I was good with you.
-Turning away in the constraint, Esma uttered a voice to the floor of the voice, and with a quick step toward the others.
The terrace was already noisy fun.
It was already getting dark and I was conveniently located in the far corner of the terrace, watching others.
Everyone was having fun.
A couple of tables were brought to the terrace, and the preparations for the celebration began.
Waha and my wife ran ridiculously caring.
David told me that now relatives should come and there will be a feast in honor of us.
I was a little against it, but he said it was a tradition.
In fifteen minutes on the terrace, a lot of people appeared on the terrace and everyone had something to do with food or small gifts to the hostess.
It was nice to observe the tradition between people.
In our country in old Europe, too, they seem to be carried, but purely officially, and here we felt a kind of emotional attitude.
Everyone sat down at a huge table and the feast began.
Toasts showered in our direction, it was a lot of fun.
By midnight, the men made a real performance.
Dances and songs captured my wife and I, and we enjoyed the show with pleasure.
Around two in the night all began to diverge.
We stayed and a couple of men and women.
I noticed that my wife was being entertained by an older tolopuz.
He was clearly not indifferent to his wife, because every now and then he embraced Nata and passionately slandered her quietly.
They got up and he hugged Nata by the waist and headed towards the garden.
The hand of the fat belly has dropped lower and lower.
He stroked his back and then his girlfriend and his hand was released on the ass of my wife.
– Watch your wife.
– I heard a familiar female voice.
I turned and saw Esma standing beside me.
I looked at her inquiringly.
-This is Uncle Heraclius, he is our female saint, a very lousy man in relation to women. Free live sex rooms.

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