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And when they sat down on the bench, they asked me to photograph this memorable moment on the camera.
(Oleg has a twisted stomach, so he is not in the picture.
) _________________________________ While I was building a perspective, trying not to overwhelm the horizon, my parents were so carried away that they seemed to forget about my existence.
I clicked the camera and.
at that very moment there was an explosion.
Overheating of the gas cylinder, as I found out later.
I tried to calm the passers-by, and I kept saying: – Mom-Dad, sorry! I forgot to remove the flash! Now I am left alone, completely alone in this cruel world.
Oleg does not count, he was then stuck in a dry closet and missed all the fun.
And the taste of this donor kebab brought me back memories of that ill-starred day.
“I want to confess something to you.”
– Oleg said moving.
– Yes, Oleg, I listen to you, brother.
– I pricked up what is urine.
– You probably already guessed that there is no cancer.
-? !! – So I guessed or bought? – There is no cancer? “No, cancer exists, but I made up the symptoms.”
– So I am healthy? – Absolutely.
But I would check it just in case.
You never know.

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I played like the last lohha! But the truth was very close.
It was enough to re-read “Sex at any cost” and make sure that egg cancer is over! How could I forget about it, I’ll never know.
I’m not talking about such trifles as the thickening of sperm.
) The brother was already hurt on

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the floor in hysterics, his face turned red like a cancer, and tears appeared in his eyes (he had never seen Oleg crying, even when his parents died) – so he burnt me off! I hugged my brother, and he in his queue hugged me, but here.
the sheet dragged from me treacherously, exposing the shameful place, and at the same time Ser-Gay.
Oleg was so dumbfounded that he dropped the schavarma from his hands and she broke up into its component parts.
– Ugh, fuck! Are you a fagot? Do not come to me! – Oleg.
This is not what you thought.
He looked at me very seriously, (in this look I recognized that other Oleg from my nightly fantasies) and hissed: – What kind of brother are you? My brother died of cancer! With these words, he left the room without even bothering to close behind him.
In a minute, behind the wall, his nipple was already laughing.
I was soooo sad, because I opened up to them, and they just smiled at me.
What kind of people are these! Well, now I have nothing to lose! And on that very day I fucked my mom’s best friend and broke off the hype of her eighteen-year-old daughter.
What would you do in my place? Sat down and cry? I do not think! We write our answers in the comments.
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My “Game” lived its own life, and this life was in full swing, so much so that in your world a whole pop culture was formed around it. Cam anal.

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