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The second man finished caressing Natasha’s crotch and planted it on his dick.
She immediately sighed and fell face and chest on the bed.
The man held her tightly by the hips and unhurriedly put it on himself.
Sergey noticed Oleg and invited him to participate in the presentation.
Oleg went to the bed and Natasha immediately rose on his hands.
Her mouth caught the rebellious member of the man and sucked inside.
A man standing behind him pushed the body of Natasha and she herself would put her mouth

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on Oleg’s member.
– Well, how are you? – Sergey asked him.
– Your wife is just lovely! – Oleg exclaimed.
– Where is mine? – She took two, where I do not know.
Oleg removed the penis from the woman’s tender mouth, tapped his head a couple of times on her cheeks and put it inside again.
– Is it nice to see you fucking your wife? – he asked Sergey.
– If she is pleased, then I am pleased.
She is such a clever girl, – he smiled.
Then the man groaned loudly and began to cum at Natasha.
She immediately released a member of Oleg and moaned loudly while she was filled with semen.
When he had finished, the man left the woman and, to Oleg’s surprise, began to furiously lick the crotch of a freshly fucked woman.
Natasha began to purr and again fell her head on the bed.
It seems that she has no strength left at all.
Oleg still decided to look for his spouse.
But he did not quite succeed.
When he entered the last room, he saw a completely insane orgy.
The bed pulsed and moaned a huge tangle of naked bodies.
As soon as he wanted to go out, small female hands clasped behind him.
He turned sharply and a small snub nose of a miniature girl rested against his chest.
– Oh, what a quick! – She exclaimed, – I see you miss, and the desire is still there.

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– Yes I.
– I invite you to the company.
I really want to try with two at once, but there are no good candidates anymore.
Half is not worth it.
Come with me? – If a woman wants, then how to refuse, – Oleg smiled.
The girl took him for a standing member and led as if on a leash.
They went into one of the rooms.
There already sat a young guy and lounging on a bed jerking off his dick.
Seeing the incoming, he smiled and said: – I thought you would not come, we are ready.
Only Oleg noticed the second man.
He stood with a camera and looked at him.
“This is my husband,” the girl purred, “He really wants to capture everything in the photo.”
I hope you will not refuse us such a whim? “No, no,” said Oleg.
– So that’s great.
But first bring me to orgasm, then it will be easier to enter into me.
By the way my name is Tanya.
The girl immediately settled down on the bed, and Oleg and the second partner proceeded to action.
They frantically caressed the wriggling body in four hands and in two languages.
Occasionally the presentation was illuminated by a bright flash of the camera.
The husband did not forget to capture what was happening.
Oleg is located between the legs of Tanya, and the second man crushed her breasts and kissed her.
Oleg’s language quickly and gently massaged the girl’s clitoris, but he decided to add sensations to her, and inserted two fingers into her pussy.
They failed right away and quite easily.
It became clear that Tanya had already been visited by more than one man.
He added a third finger and became a bit cramped.
Tanya was bending and moaning, grease running down her crotch.
Oleg removed his fingers from the vagina and began to knead the girl’s anus.
But it seems that this was not necessary.
Tanya’s ass has already been stretched by a member and two fingers easily penetrated inside.
There was a little bit already and Oleg decided to stretch the hole harder.
Carefully, he put the third finger in the anus and began to knead it.
The hole quickly stretched and soon all three fingers sank to the very knuckles.
Tanya started several times and groaned.
Her orgasm was a signal to men.
They immediately detached from her body.
Oleg lay on his back and put the girl on himself.
The guy took a member of Oleg in his hand and sent him to the vagina.
Then he attached himself to the hole higher and slowly went inside.
Camera flashes flashed with cosmic speed.
Oleg felt, as in the neighborhood slips inside a member.
As soon as both trunks were inside, Tanya started moving herself. Blackxcat bongacams.

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