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Large beads, often rough and prickly, are used to torment a slave, and small beads are smooth for anal pleasures of the Lady.
I know that her anus is very sensitive and his caress causes an orgasm no weaker than the vagina or clitoris.
If my pop manipulations are always torments, then with the Lady is one of the strongest erogenous zones.
That’s how she is! And this must be considered a slave! And now only the tip of the cord with a brush remains outside.
The lady bends her back and lifts her head.

I bring her a cigarette in a long mouthpiece, she lights it and sweetly drags on.
When the cigarette is smoked in half, I ordered, very slowly and very carefully, grabbing a brush with my teeth, pulling the cord.
The first ball appears in the opening of the anus, it moves outward, pushing the corrugated and damp walls apart, which at first, like elegant lips, lick it, and then release it outside, contracting in the lumen.
After a small section of the cord, in the anus a new ball.
Beautiful process! Madam enjoys it, occasionally puffing on a cigarette.

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When the last beads come out, her ass exhales from the anus of a portion of the lung, not at all unpleasant, but a spicy aroma, which I pull into myself.
A member is worth a crowbar! The last bead left the hole.
Sponge anus is still reduced by inertia.
Adoration Mrs. moaning, I understand what to do! I take it with one hand, holding my thumb over the edge of a flat vase, from which they fed me and slip it under the back hanging from the edge of the chair.
With my second hand, I stroke the strained buttocks of the Lady, then push her under the bottom of the vase, stroke the woman’s pubis and tummy.
I have to ask! – Oh, Great Lady, please give me, your tiny slave, the pleasure of accepting from you the precious discharge of your delicious ass.
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