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The cadets at that time were the hermits of military schools.
In our time, with a few exceptions, cadets were only allowed to leave the night from the third year, and then subject to the presence of relatives in St. Petersburg.
Therefore, many of us acquired “aunts” and “uncles”, just to get to the desired city.
Gennady in the city had his own point where he took beautiful girls.
Many of us were burning with curiosity, not knowing how Gennady so easily managed to snitch from our prominent guys their no less beautiful girlfriends.
This especially affected the self-esteem of those who considered themselves irresistible in the ladies’ society, but inferior to Gennady in the art of seduction of the most prominent representatives of the fair sex.
They tried to find out Genin’s secret in different ways, but he was relentless in the preservation of this mystery.

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During one of the holidays, we were with Gennady in the same company.
He was accompanied by a tall, slim blonde, one of the students of a prestigious university.
After the third toast, music began to play, and couples rocked around the room in a slow tango.
Genin student invited one of the prominent and gallant gentlemen.
– Are you jealous? – I approached Gene, closely watching the dancers.
– Not.
Why do you think so? – I do not believe.
She has a breeding stallion.
“This filly is already arching.”
– By whom? – by me.
– How long? – Since yesterday evening.
– Listen, Gene.
Share your experience, how do you so easily manage to make such bright chicks? – I nodded in the direction of his girlfriend, strongly pressed in the dance by a skilled partner.
– Uh-uh, brother.

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This is the secret of the company.
However, you, as a faithful friend, so be it, tell.
But, mind you! No one! Got it ?! – Grave! – I hit my chest with my fist.
– The secret is simple.
You choose an object worthy of attention, invite you to dance and whisper softly into her lovely ear: – Girl.
Want to tell a funny joke? That, of course, affirmatively nods.
Then I tell her the joke about the elephant.
Have you heard that? – Not.
– Then listen.
One Russian man flew on an airplane over Africa.
Suddenly, something deteriorated in the engine, and the plane made an emergency landing.
No sooner had the man got out of the plane, as he was surrounded by cannibals, with spears, and led to the leader.
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