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I told him he had better legs than most women and he laughed but seemed proud.
Then I told him that if it was not for the little bit of hair on his legs, they would be prettier than most women.
It was cute to see him in his basketball clothes with stockings and high heels, but I said “In for a penny, in for a pound” and took a short sundress out of my closet and coaxed him into taking off his shorts and tee shirt to wear it. Lonely horny girls in dortmund.
He looked very cute in it but his boxer shorts hung a little low and you could see the pattern through the white dress, so I reached under his dress and slipped them off then gave him some pretty white panties to wear.

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I knelt in front of him and he leaned on my shoulder as I helped him into the panties and slide them up his legs.
He was getting a little erect so I kissed his cock and tucked him into the panties.
We stood in front of the mirror for quite a while and I saw that he was impressed with how he looked. Carmen240 live sex girls canadas.
I said that now that he looked like such a sexy girl he should help me with dinner, so I took his hand and led him to the kitchen.
He was still a little unsteady so he had to lean on me (I have to admit I liked him being a bit vulnerable and depending on me).

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I need to tell you that he had never helped with cooking or house chores before that.
While he was setting the table, I changed into a pair of his jeans and a shirt of his.
We had a great dinner and I called him ‘Wife’ and he would call me ‘Husband Dear’. Dating affiliate marketing programs.
After dinner I said that the wife should do the dishes and was surprised when he did.

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