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Darron guided her flat on her back on his mattress and undid her mini-skirt.
She lifted her butt off the sheets so he could shimmy the skirt off her long, white legs.
The black panties were all that remained and Nikki felt no embarrassment at how wet they were. Java code for validating email address.
Darron pulled the panties off her waist, exposing her clit and vagina to him.
She watched his shaved head disappear between her legs and suddenly his tongue was twisting against her clitoris creating pulsing waves of pleasure vibrate throughout her body. Dating a guy of a different race.
Oh god, she shouted through a muffled closed mouth.
Darron’s tongue worked her into a frenzy.
She had never been this horny.
She had never felt this carnal, primal need to be fucked until today.
Not only was Nikki about to have her first one night stand.

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She was about to have her first big black cock.
I need you, was all she said, her blue eyes in the back of her skull.
Darron parted from her cunt, the tidal wave of pleasure momentarily leaving her.
Suddenly he was on his knees in front of her, her milky white legs parted on either side in a V-formation as Darron’s massive member waved like a pirate’s flag in front of her. Bait and switch dating.
He grabbed the head, carefully lowered it to her opening.
She watched as inch by inch his long dark cock pushed into her body.
She felt him fill her up like no man ever before.
She could feel his shaft against the tight constraints of her pussy as it slowly stretched her out. Milf eboney blow jobs blowjob.
Darron pushed until he felt resistance, Nikki looked to see only half of him was inside her.

He slowly rocked back out, repeating the motion over and over.
Every time he went deeper and every time she felt the wave of erotic pleasure ripple under her skin. Video chart online bedava.
With one, casual slap of skin on skin, Nikki finally felt all of Darron inside of her.
She looked down to see his hips against her pussy, no sign of that massive black cock to be seen.
It was all in her, and she felt every inch pressing and pushing and creating a tornado of hormones in her body. Vintage nude sri lankan women.
Now the slapping picked up in rhythm as Darron worked her body, newly christened by black dick.

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