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Roll over onto your knees and grab the headboard with your hands.
I want your ass nice and high.
Quickly I roll over and do as I’m told.
Both my glove covered hands grasping the phallic looking spindle in the center of the headboard. Nyc gay date speed dating.
I spread my knees to let you come up behind me easily.
Still in darkness from the blindfold, all I can do is hold on to the headboard and wait.
With one of your hands on my bottom to steady yourself I feel the fingers of your other hand spreading my womanhood and slipping into me. Rozemary ananomous sex chat.
Oh, you’re nice and wet, nice and ready for me Make love to me, please.
I’m not going to make love to you tonight but I will do something else.
Tell me what it is.
I can feel you sliding the tip of your penis up and down against my womanhood, spreading my lips but not entering me.

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I push back from the headboard but you pull away.
The innocent shy little schoolgirl in me tries to come out but I’m in no position to be shy.
My pink bottom is in the air, my breasts exposed and I’m holding onto a phallic like object. Style fashion dating blog.
It’s not possible to be shy right now but all that comes out is a quiet whisper.
Fuck me.
What? Oh, don’t torture me.
Mustering as much courage as I can I loudly say it! The schoolgirl in me has retreated to the corner and pulled her skirts tightly around her legs and is covering her eyes. Interracial tight pussy fit.
Fuck me.
I want you to fuck me.
I want you inside me, fuck me.
With the words just crossing my lips I feel your penis sliding completely into me.
Not slow and tender but holding my hips and pushing all the way in until I feel your hips pressing against my bottom.

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A sting spreads from my sore bottom up to my brain causing me to whimper.
Your fingers squeezing my hips tightly and pulling me back onto your penis.
Each time that you are completely in me the air escapes from my lips in a broken purr. Indiangirls com mallu aunty porn photo.
My head is dropping down between my arms onto a pillow.
I don’t know when I started biting my lips but I can feel a twinge of pain from where my teeth are pressing down.
Your hand slides up my side to my shoulder and I feel you grabbing my ponytail and starting to pull. Mabel pines.

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