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maybe we should hand it over to Claire Jordans? After all, she’s caught the most criminals in the force, and she knows this area.
Heck, she only lives a few blocks down.
I’m sure she can catch this criminal,” reported his partner, leaning up against the Police car. Arab adult free chats.
David thought for a moment.
It was true, Claire was the best officer around here, and had caught more criminals than David and his partner combined.
Though, he wanted to keep this case for himself to get promoted. Small video cam.
If he managed to capture the GreyTail thief as they were calling the criminal, he’d be famous.
Sadly, he knew his partner was right, and figured that he was way over his head with this case anyway.
“Alright, call in officer Jordans. Asian bitch is getting her wet pussy finger fucked.
I’m sick of this case anyway.
” –Two Days Later– The alleys were dark, hidden from the city lights.
All was quiet, except for the sound of running footsteps.
One belonged to a fleeing man, looking quite terrified of his chaser.

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A tall, twenty-one year old, beautiful and well built woman with long brown hair and cold, ice blue eyes was tearing down the alleyway, catching up to him in mere moments as she kicked the back of his left leg, sending him tumbling to the ground. Topsexfromrss free live women.
He looked up at his chaser, terror stricken across his face.
Claire looked down at her target, wearing a dark blue officer’s uniform; a M1911 handgun was strapped to her calf, and a baton was on her hip, not that she needed it. Cure facial infections at home.
She was cold, ruthless, and could take on nearly anyone she wanted, and come out on top.
The guy beneath her was crawling away, dragging his left leg along with him, as she sighed and rolled her eyes at his stupidity. Pierre south dakota mature women.
Walking over to him, she kicked his side and pulled the handgun from its holster, pointing it at his right leg.
“Stay still, unless you want to be dragging both your legs,” she calmly spoke, not showing the slightest hint of remorse.

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The man flinched, cowering beneath her, and then the rambling happened.
They all do it, start bumbling about how they didn’t mean to steal, and they were forced to do it, all that crap.
Claire just did her usual routine; she kicked him sharply in the neck, and he went out cold. Big ass asian masturbate penis cumshot.
She simply glared at the pitiful thief below her, and soon other police officers arrived on the scene and took the thief away to be questioned.
She watched as her commanding officer came over and greeted her, congratulating her on another successful catch. Jessyredhair usa bhabi xxx sex co.
She simply nodded in response.
“Good work Miss Jordans, another spectacular capture, with one less thief on the streets.
” Claire simply stood and nodded, crossing her arms, glancing the older man over.

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