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Steve slid his cock out of her pussy and I rolled her over and positioned her in front of me.
I slid my cock in.
I couldn’t believe how hot and wet the inside of her pussy was.
It was amazing.
I began slowly moving in and out as she started sucking Steve’s cock. Make friends online.
I couldn’t fuck her as hard as I usually did because the excitement had me very close to coming.
As she stroked and sucked Steve he began moaning.
“I’m gonna come…I want you to swallow it,” he said.
“I always do,” was Lexi’s reply. Self suckung shemales.
I began fucking her harder and faster.
Steve moaned louder and began bucking.

I pounded harder and harder.
Steve let out one last gasp and came in Lexi’s mouth.
She took all his juice.
“I’m coming,” I yelled.
“Me too,” moaned Lexi. Father n young daughter hardcore pics.
That orgasm, the most incredible orgasm I ever had, seemed to last forever.
I could feel Lexi’s pussy fill up with come and begin leaking out.
I stayed inside her another minute or so, not wanting to pull out. Contact number of girls for dating in bangalore.
When I did, we both collapsed on the bed.
We all fell asleep.
The next morning I awoke to Steve and Lexi finishing up another fuck session.
I watched his cock move in and out of her and finally empty on her stomach.

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Needless to say, I had to then take my turn.
We finally made it home and slept most of the afternoon.
That evening, as Lexi and I fucked, we proudly recalled the previous night, proclaiming that this was the start of something wonderful…and it was! Free webcam sex sudbury ontario. You are in my life, I want you here.
Without you, who would share my fears? We are a set, we work, we fit.
We need alone space.

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