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I want your eyes on me, my voice was hoarse and strained but he heard me and glanced down at me with his eyes dazed and lips half parted.
I leaned forwards and placed a kiss upon the tip of his cock that was already slick with his precum. Native american shemale.
I turned on an angle so I could glance up at him and made sure his eyes were locked upon me.
They were.
I pursed my lips and began to slide my mouth down the length of him stopping at about three inches. Sexual person needed.
I held him in my mouth like that and started humming deep within my throat.
His body shuddered and his hands reached out to grip my head.
I came up for a quick breath of air and his hands gently stroked my hair. Veronichka77 nude cam.
With one quick glance up at him I looked back down, gripped his cock, and lowered my face again.

This time I let my mouth slide back down his shaft with the goal of taking as much of him in as possible. Hidden camera real sex.
I felt his length fill my entire mouth and start to slide down the back of my throat hitting my gag reflex.
The muscles of my throat uncomfortably contracted but I willed the muscles of my throat to relax and I fought the urge to resist his length. Hot fack wnem sex.
I inhaled through my nose and relaxed to the point where his length and thickness comfortably filled my mouth and throat.
I began to moan with his cock stuffed in my mouth and my nose nearly pressed against his base. All sex pantyhose.
His hands pressed urgently upon my head and his hips began to thrust forward, fucking his cock in and out of my mouth.
I raised my hands up and wrapped them around his hips and let my mouth move up and down with the movement of his thrusts.

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Our rhythm gave into wet sloshing sounds and my salvia began to trickle out from around his cock.
I fought the urge to gag and just when I thought that I would have to pull away and seek the comfort of air, his body lurched forward with a strangled moan and his seed spilled down the back of my throat. Wwe lita strips.
He slid out of my mouth and I kept my hands wrapped around the hollow of his hips.
I leaned my face against one of his thighs and licked my tongue out to clean the length of his softening cock.

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