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My mind started wandering down worrisome paths as I recalled the book Gerald’s Game, in which Stephen King had written about a husband who partaking in a perverse bondage ritual for sexual gratification, ties his wife securely to the bed and then unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, leaving her trapped and helpless. Roxxxman hidden male cams.
Perhaps I thought of it because the poor victim’s spouse in the story was also a lawyer, but more than likely I was just engaging in the type of nagging insecurity Katie wanted me to be feeling as part of my punishment. Instant free nude webcam.
For my own peace of mind, I decided she had only run to the store to get some more Ben & Jerry’s, and so I waited.
I have to admit that lying there naked and unable to get loose had some very erotic aspects to it.

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I was spread-eagled and my wet-pussy was there for the taking, had anyone known I was here, alone and helpless! My mind conjured up all kinds of perverted fantasies of who might discover me first if my lover failed to return and release me. Who is jay kay dating.
With each sick fantasy, my nipples stiffened and my sex juiced-up even more.
I pulled at the cuffs and wondered how much pain I might have to endure to escape my bonds if I had to.
I couldn’t see the door because the empty tub of ice cream was blocking my view. Flexible girls bondage.
I puffed my tummy out trying to knock it off, but it just bobbed around until I used my feet to arch my back up and twist sideways so the empty container fell off to my side.
After a few more frustrating minutes, I was startled by something jumping up on the bed and realized Kaitleen’s cat was on the bed with me, pushing her nose into the empty tub, lapping up the creamy residue from the bottom.
“Oh, stop it, Tara!” I giggled as the tub kept tickling my ribs every time she shoved her nose in.
“Kitty-kitty-kitty!” I warbled helplessly between clenched teeth as the cat tortured me with her endless greed for the flavor of sweetened cream.
“Psssttt-psssttt,” I hissed and finally distracted her from her prize.

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She padded up to my face and licked me a few times to make sure I didn’t also taste like sweet, creamy cherry-cordials, then she jumped down quickly as if something had beckoned her.

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