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Truth or dare Camila? I asked her in return.
“Truth,” “Who was your first real crush?” “My high school headmaster,” she said with a giggle.
The game was quite vanilla for the first two rounds as we all played it safe and asked each other harmless questions. Amateur anal masturbation tube.
However that all changed on the third round.
“Truth or dare Dan,” asked Camila.
“Truth,” “How old were you when you lost your virginity?” I didn’t hesitate one bit as both Sophie and Pete knew about my first time.
“18,” I replied to her.
“A bit of a late bloomer ain’t you,” giggled Camila and Sophie joined in.
“Hey I made up for it. Heather graham boogie nights fuck gif.
You can check the damages on my bed,” I teased her back and we all burst out laughing as both Sophie and her blushed at my bold comment.
Ok my turn.
Truth or dare Camila?” I asked her.
“Truth,” she replied.
“What’s your favourite sex position?” I asked her wanting to continue the sex themed question.
“Dan!” Sophie pretended to be outraged, but I ignored her and looked at Camila intently.
“Can’t I do a dare instead?” she asked me nervously.
“Nope you’ve already said truth so you better answer me truthfully young lady,” I said with a grin.
“Fine, I like the cowgirl position where I get to be in charge.

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Happy now?” She glared at me as she blurted out the truth.
Oh boy, hope I’m not in the shit books already I told myself as I kept quiet and sipped my Fosters.
“Truth or dare Pete?” Sophie directed her question to Pete.
“Truth,” he quickly responded.
“Did you really have sex with our librarian last year?” she asked with a smirk. Hot anime sex naruto style.
I literally spat a mouthful of beer as he quickly looked at me horrified.
“Dude I promise you I never said a word,” I promised him as we both looked at Sophie.
“So it it true after all, and don’t worry, Dan wasn’t the guy who ratted you out,” said Sophie with a pat on my thigh. Trenton fl swingers.
Pete still clearly shocked that his little secret was out quickly, chugged a quarter of his beer before pointing his question to Sophie.
“Truth or dare Sophie?” Said Pete “Truth,” she muttered.
“Have you ever had anal sex?” he knew the answer already because I used to brag about it all the time.

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Sophie game me a funny look and thought for a while.
I knew what she was thinking because if she refused to answer she would be the first person to lose an item of clothing.
“Yes I have,” said Sophie.
“How often?” he asked slyly.
“It’s my turn now. Redhead king pin.
Wait for your turn again wise-ass,” interrupted Camila as Sophie shot her a grateful look.
“Truth or dare Pete?” asked Camila.
Oh-oh, looks like the girls are going to ambush Pete.
This should be fun I told myself as Pete squirmed before going for truth again.
“How often do you masturbate without me knowing?” He glared at Camila and pulled his T-shirt off.
“All right! Chubby small tits sex vids.

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