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Try on every bra, mind though your budget is limited and you will have to make it last at least for a top and a pair of panties.
Make your own choices now, you won’t be coming back later.
If you feel you could leave the bra behind, I suggest you do so. Naked web cam.
Whether you did or did not purchase the bra it’s time to go to the toilet again.
This time take your panties off and cut them in tiny little pieces with your scissors.
Then calmly head to the third shop. Jak usunac polishdating.
You’ll be buying a top now, one you can afford of course.
Once again let a saleswoman fetch the tops for you.
Tell her the boyfriend story again and that you’re looking for something sexy, maybe see-through. Cutedev1l xxx sexy voice chat.
Tell her also your budget, meaning the money you actually have left in your pocket except for the coins.

Try on all the tops.
Each time you try a top ask the saleswoman for feedback.
Once you’re done ask her which one she thinks is the sexiest of all. Chatcam egypt.
That’s your pick.
Once you payed for your new top go get rid of the old one as you did with the skirt and the panties.
While you’re in the cubicle check your wallet.
How much is left apart from your 2,80€ in coins? Smoking fetish kayla kleevage. If you have any bill is time to use it.
Go to a cafe and order something, whatever you like.
For the last part of the task you will need only coins.
Head to the superstore now, you know which one.
Hopefully it will be full of people in a typical Saturday afternoon. Mature older lady live sex cam for my viewing.
Head to the underwear section and find the 2.
80€ g-strings.
This is your only chance to make it back home wearing at least one decent piece of underwear.

Surely you would appreciate it under that short skirt, even if that sexy top keeps showing off your now probably braless breasts. Black shemale ass licking tube.
Head to the cash out and get in line, I’m sure it will be a long one.
Right before your turn take the coins out of your wallet.
Keep them in your hand for a second then let them fall on the ground freely. Finance long john silver penis.
Oh my, are they all still around? Can you see them? You can only buy your panties if you retrieve all of them! Quick grab them – but you can’t bend you knees to do so.

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