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I’d only ever done a hand job with him before and I was suddenly scared to death, but I didn’t hesitate.
I closed my eyes, leaned forward and stuck out my tongue as I prepared to taste my first cock.
The musky smell of his balls drew me in. Amatuer women in bondage.
I kissed the head of his cock and ran my tongue around the head.
I stopped and looked at it for a minute.
I had just licked my first dick and I liked it.
I licked it again and then wrapped my mouth around his head and for the very first time had a cock in my mouth. Anonymous fuck chat finalnd.
This didn’t seem to surprise Jarred near as much as it surprised me.
He had his head back and eyes closed and when he felt my mouth around his cock.
He kinda jumped a little bit but didn’t tell me to stop…instead, he let out an; Ahhhhhh. Matured old bbw movies.

If anything he encouraged me to go on by laying his hand on my head.
The story is getting long, so I’ll just say that once I got Jarred’s dick in my mouth I got the job done with that first blowjob.
I encircled the head with my lips and slowly took inch by inch of his approximately seven inches into my mouth down to his balls as Jarred let out another, “Ahhhhhhhhh,” and still holding the back of my head and started moving his hips and fucking my mouth while he was gently moaning and faintly saying, Oh yeah, suck me, man. Sexy girls to fuck in pardeesville pennsylvania.
I thought Jarred’s cock was hard but it got even harder; as stiff as a lead pipe in my mouth as he arched his hips.
He held my head and buried his cock to his balls in my mouth, and held them there for a short while after slightly releasing the grip and backing away for another pump back into my mouth.

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This slow but steady rhythm took about fifteen minutes and I was starting to think that I wasn’t doing a very good job.
I was working on trying to keep a good pace and keep my mouth wrapped around him so I wasn’t able to pay much attention to any of Jarred’s cum signals and I didn’t think I was going to get him there. Married seeking the same 51.
But I was wrong.
All of a sudden, I could taste his sweet pre-cum.
That told me he was getting ready.
Then, Jarred’s cock went super nova on me and his body tensed up.
Well, you know what was next.
He started cumming in my mouth and down my throat. Looking to support and spoil.
I was surprised when I didn’t try to spit it out because I didn’t think that I was prepared to swallow his cum yet.
But then I made up my mind that was the thing to do.

The taste wasn’t exactly what I expected. Uphookup com.
I thought maybe it would have a sweet taste, I guess.
The salty flavor of Jarred’s cum burned on my tongue as I took it all in before finally swallowing it down.
I held Jarred’s softening cock in my mouth for a minute or so before finally releasing it. Free swingers mojiaku.
But I wasn’t done yet.
I breathed in the sexual scent of his cock and balls before pushing my tongue down his cock burying it into his pubic hair and then moving further down to lick his balls.
Once I was through, I still had my hand around the base of his cock when and I looked up and said, Well? Hardwired tripplite power strip. Well, what? asked Jarred innocently.
Exasperated I said, I just sucked your dick.
Oh that, he chuckled.
It was obvious from the first that you wanted to suck it.

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