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The man,30ish,tells me to get in the back with him and I do.
He says he wants a straight fuck and I lay back on the floor of the wagon and remove my panties and he stops me.
leave them on baby”. Mature latina fingering.
He unzips his pants and lifts my ass up and slips his cock past my panties and forces himself into my awaiting ass.
I can see the windows getting fogged up from our heavy breathing.
He is pounding my ass hard and furious now. Asher keddie naked.
I am stroking my cock and cumming all over my panties at this point and he too is cumming soon after.
I feel a hot rush of jizz exploding inside of me.

He finishes and pulls out.
We chat for a second and I exit his car,satisfied with the transaction and walk back over to dad’s car and get in. Bustyblonda sex hamster adult free.
Dad get’s back in and we drive home.
Not much is said that night,but he has plans for me again in two night’s.
And I soon find he has plans for almost 2 weeks straight.
From that night on,for the next 2 years,I became daddy’s friends little cum dumpster. Wrecked slut hole.
He peered out the door which led to a sprawling deck, his pulse beating faster.
She lay on the lounger, catching some rays.
Her shoulder-length blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight, sweat beaded on her smooth, tan skin.

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He could feel himself growing hard, admiring her magnificent, toned figure, his eyes taking in every delectable inch.
He contemplated removing his cock, which strained to escape from his boxers and basketball shorts. Dating websites for truckers.
As he reached for his zipper, a voice broke him from his trance.
“She is beautiful, isn’t she? But don’t forget, she’s also your sister,” Emma said, ruining his mood.

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