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She looked back to Jim and he gave her a look that said don’t worry about it.
Steve returned to his chair, looked at Jim, and said That’s the great thing about being out here by ourselves.
No one hide anything from. Kerie hart pantyhose pics.
Pat looked back at Beth, who had a wry grin on her face.
After their eyes met, Beth Leaned into Pat and gave her a careful kiss on the lips.
Pat was shocked and frozen stiff.
Beth finished the kiss and moved back. Horny hairy mature movies.
Pat’s mind was racing through all of the nights events.
Was it the alcohol that was numbing her senses, or did she truly enjoyed it? Had Jim seen the kiss? Did she want to do it again? Jim was not sure what he had just seen. Kitti01 no sign up web cam porn.
Had he just watched his wife being kissed by another woman? The two of them had never had sex with anyone else.
The beer was having an effect on him too.
He needed to clear his head.
He walked over to the edge of the dock and pissed into the lake like his new friend had.

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He wondered how Pat would react to being kissed by another woman.
When he turned to go back to his chair, he saw his wife locked in a deep kiss with Beth.
Beth had her hands on Pat’s ass and was kneading her cheeks. Secret to free webcam sex.
Pat had her hands clasped onto either side of Beth’s face, and was holding on for all she could.
Jim moved back to his chair not believing what he was seeing.
He watched as his wife moved one of her hands down to Beth’s breast and started to stroke and squeezed it. Beginner bondage kit.
This night just keeps getting better.
Steve said.
Jim looked over and Steve was playing with his cock while taking a sip of his beer.
The women broke their deep kiss a few moments later and shared a smile between themselves. Do not date this man.
I can’t believe I just did that.
Pat murmured to herself.
I can.
I knew it was going to happen back in the lady’s room.
There is more we can do if you want, but I have to leave you for a moment.
Don’t go.
Pat mewed as she held onto Beth’s hips.

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But I need to pee again.
OK, but don’t go far.
Beth took three steps back and squatted down.
As soon as she lowered herself down she relished a torrent onto the deck.
As she pissed she looked right into Pat’s crotch knowing that she wanted to taste Pat’s juices. Clear lake adult personals.
Pat looked over to her husband, and was shocked to see him fully hard and stroking his cock as he watched Beth piss on the deck.
He glanced up to his wife and gave her a smile.
With that smile all inhibitions were lost. Tera patrick porn clip.
Pat could hold back no longer, and began to piss standing there in front of everyone.
As it ran down her leg she brought a finger up to her mouth and nibbled on it as she laughed to herself.

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