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By now her pussy was wet enough to insert the vibrator without any additional lubrication and I turned it on as I eased it into her vagina.
She twitched and gasped as the toy gently penetrated and massaged her from the inside. Eros cams.
I could feel the vibrations on my tongue as I licked her clit.
I was moving the toy in and out and she was just letting me do whatever I wanted.
I knew that my actions would bring her off eventually and it was just a few minutes later that she announced, “God Candy I’m cumming.
” Her whole body suddenly twitched and there was a pained expression on her face that changed to one of ecstasy as her orgasm built and then rippled violently through her body. Sex chat room without joining.
She was very vocal and no one could be in any doubt that this lady had just experienced something very special.

As the tremors subsided Wendy began to return from the high and she wanted to turn her attention to me. Girl on girl double penetration free.
She pulled the vibrator from her body and switched it off before sucking it dry of her succulent juices.
“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me,” I said.
We swapped places and she started massaging my pussy area probing it gently with her fingers saying, “I’ve never had oral sex with a woman before Candy but I’m so looking forward to tasting you.
” With that, she buried her tongue deep into my slit. Wife withholds sex for punishment.
She was totally focussed on all the elements of my genitals.
She pulled my pussy lips apart so that she could suck and lick my erect clit then she licked my juices as they oozed out of my vulva.
It was all going so beautifully and neither of us heard the key in the front door or anything else but suddenly the lounge door swung open and standing there was a tall handsome man in a smart suit with a briefcase in his hand.
“Colin!” Wendy exclaimed, “you’re home early.
” He put the briefcase down and said, “If it’s not a silly question, what on earth is going on?” Wendy replied, “I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t help it.
” And then she started to cry.

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He came over to comfort her and cuddled her lovingly saying, “Don’t blame yourself, I know you’ve been searching for new experiences, we can get through this.
” This was all very well but I was unfulfilled and said, “I hope that’s not the end of that.
” Wendy re-composed herself and introduced me to her husband who said to me, “Perhaps you ought to leave.
” I replied, “Don’t spoil it Colin, why don’t you take your clothes off and join us?

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In an instant, his demeanour changed from being an outraged husband to a stud confronted by two wet and willing sluts. Anissa kate big cock.
Now that a man was on the scene, the dynamics of the situation were different and as Colin began to strip, Wendy and I reclined on the sofa gently massaging our clits while we watched him.
“I assume you’re OK with your husband fucking me,” I said, ensuring Colin heard. Twin barbara bush dating.
Wendy replied loudly, “Candy, the way I feel at the moment I absolutely insist on it.
” He came onto the sofa and sat between us with an arm around each of us pulling us tight against his lean fit body. Finnessey dating.

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