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After all the madness, Pasha got on the compartment bed and began to masturbate, preparing to finish.
We prepared our mouths, opened them, stuck out our tongues and waited for Pashin to break up and sprinkle us like champagne and sprinkle us like holy water.
The moment was very wild and very solemn.
Pasha could no longer restrain himself, and finished, generously sprinkling our mouths, our faces with his ejaculate.
Our lips were all in boy’s sperm, we are laughing, funny, soiled, licked Pashin penis.

In turn, they took it into their mouths and sucked the remains out of it.
This is how our trip to the south began.
What happened next – read in continuations.

It happened in the usual winter evening.
At the invitation of my friend, Veronika, I went to her birthday in Chelyabinsk.
28 hours on the train lasted a long time.
But finally, my stop.
Chelyabinsk is a great city.
I realized this only when I got off the train.
I could not help but admire the beauty of the local station, I was pleasantly struck by the architecture of the houses standing nearby.

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But even more I was surprised by the air.
It was certainly more dirty than the air of my hometown, but meanwhile, it seemed cleaner and fresher.
The air of the big city.
Vera greeted me joyfully and slightly embarrassed! Of course, before that, we communicated only in social networks.
In real life, Vera looked different than in the photo.
A beautiful and cheerful girl with long black hair, dressed in a white light cloak, appeared before me.
Yes, winter in Chelyabinsk is far from being the same as in my city (I must say that I arrived in a heavy Alaska jacket).
Acquainted in real life, we went for a walk around the city.
Vera enthusiastically showed me old buildings and architectural monuments.
It seemed that she had forgotten that I was leaving the train and after 28 hours of shaking only dream of a soul and a comfortable bed.
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