Sex live 1.

Sex live 1.
Blow Again – Answer yes or no! – Yes.
– Well, then go jerk it off.
Here, Andrew put in his word: – EEE, no! only without hands.
If your husband wants to touch my penis only with his pidaraskom mouth.
– Well, good and true remark.
Go, pidrila, suck the cock on which your whore wife just rode.
It still has my juices.
Go get them close.
Even I was surprised, but for some reason, Vadim didn’t even resist or break this time and meekly approached Andrew and took the head of his dick in his mouth.
(to be continued)
Lena always envied her friend Ira.
So they sat in the kitchen for an hour and drank martini, while her husband fussed alongside and prepared them for snacks and poured wine.
They had already drunk decently, and they were carried to the revelation.
– Lucky you Irka! Here is my Acne is like a normal man, but before yours about him, heyo! Always at work, constantly, so there is no time to have sex! – And you did not try to change something in a relationship? – I tried to change! Not once! And the relationship is not.
Her friends were clearly unhappy, and Lena did not hesitate at all to her husband Ira, she told me about her adventures.
– Does your husband know? – God forbid! Kill! – And my not! – What is it like? Why? – I’ll tell you now, look here! Irka was completely unhappy, and she decided to brag about her husband.
Reveal to her a secret, let him envy! – Tell me, do you often husband licks? – Not.
Rather never was.
– Stasik come to me! She turned to the aisle and spread her legs.
For Lena, it was a shock.
Without asking what she wanted, Stas, seeing his legs spread, kneeling in front of her and lifting her skirt, began to lick.
Before Lena’s eyes, what she saw only in porn movies was happening.
Her pussy flowed almost immediately, and she involuntarily stroked her through jeans.
Irkin’s gaze did not escape.

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– Well, girlfriend, you also want to lick you? Speak, I’m not greedy! – Yes.
– Stasik help Lena! I already had sex before you came, so I can wait.
And not with Stasik! And seeing the interested look of a friend, Ira felt that she had risen above her in her eyes.
– Do you always wear jeans? From what is happening Lena, despite the help of Stas, got tangled in his trousers, trying to take them off.
– That would be like me in stockings, you would not hurt anything! Or in pantyhose.
It is so exciting.
when they tear on you in a fit of passion! True to you it is unlikely to apply.
– Your pantalonchiki as Brest Fortress.
Until they get to the pussy, the year will pass! Have you heard something about the thong? Well, thank God! Meanwhile, Lena finally got rid of the clothes, and Stasik took up her pussy.
It was divine, as she thought.
His tongue just fluttered, licking every inch of skin.
Stas, holding his buttocks with his hands, just fucked her with his tongue.
Ira watched them, running her fingers in her pussy, feeling that now she has complete superiority over her friend.
It seemed to Lena that she would finish now, but Stas skillfully did not let her do it.
– I want to finish! She pleaded.
– I can not take it anymore! Looking at his wife and seeing the approving nod, Stas millet, wiping the plates off the coffee table, laid Lena on her back.
Lena did not resist.
It seemed to her that this was not happening to her, she was just watching some kind of porn.
Her legs were on the shoulders of Stas, and pussy, finally felt a member of a leisurely and somehow invading in her.
Ira meanwhile unbuckled her blouse and freed her breast from her bra, pulling it down.
She began to stroke her and squeeze.
She twisted her nipples between her fingers and put them off.
Lena moaned and twisted.
org) From this bra stubbornly returned to his place.
Ira got sick of it and, taking a knife, she simply cut the straps, throwing the unnecessary thing aside.
Stas gradually increased the pace, and after a few minutes Lena, feeling her sperm filling in herself, finished at the same time as him.
The husband more than once brought her to orgasm, but it was something! The body did not obey her at all, only the waves piercing from head to toe were felt

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– Do! Friend! You seem to have much worse sex than I thought.
And when Stas, holding her legs dangling weakly, began to lick his sperm, Lena simply twitched his every movement with his tongue.
It took about ten minutes when she began to wake up, carefully laid on the couch.
– Ira! Your husband is incomparable! How did you do it? – I’ll tell you now.
Stasik! Bring us another martini.
Soon Stas appeared, carrying a bottle and two glasses.
Lena looked at him. Sex live 1.

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