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Breath caught, the explosion of unique euphoria covers them! The bodies are pressed into each other, and the members pour out streams of sperm.
How long it lasted is unknown, but after a while the lovers woke up from the feeling of closeness to each other.
Andrei gently kissed Paul in the earlobe, and the young man in response pulled the man’s face to himself and passionately kissed him on the lips.
It all happened again, and not once a night.
They only slept in the morning.
The sun rises over Moscow, its rays make their way through the window of the hotel room, gliding through the naked bodies of a man and a young guy.
The man carefully hugs the young man, and he, trustingly pressed his face against the strong chest of his beloved, sleeps quietly, gaining strength for the new day.
What awaits them? Yesterday, Paul said yes! Maybe shortly before that, his thoughts were true, and when he opens his eyes, a day will begin for him, full of suffering and shattered dreams!
Or maybe it’s all stupid nonsense too impressionable guy? Who knows! Time will tell.
After a passionate night, the awakening of the two men was already near, and that night was only a prelude to the interweaving of two destinies.
After that exciting adventure, I barely got home as the point was itching, and besides, it seemed to me that literally everyone knows what I was just doing.
Anyway, I came home and tried to act as usual so that my parents would not notice anything.

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A few days passed and despite the fact that the impressions of sex with Igor began to dull somewhat, I suddenly wanted to be terribly

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back on his penis.
However, I was busy with more pressing matters, namely looking for a job.
I just got a call from the recruitment agency and sent for an interview to one construction company, they needed a sysadmin.
Having dressed decently and taking a resume with me, I moved to a meeting with a potential employer.
The office of the company was in a prestigious area, which made me happy, so the office is serious.
After I told the security guard in the lobby about the purpose of my visit, I was escorted to the second floor, to the director’s reception.
In addition to me in the reception was also a secretary, leggy sexy brunette, at the sight of which I immediately got up.
The secretary gave me an icy look and asked me to wait on the sofa for visitors.
I did so, but the wait did not drag out literally five minutes later the brunette was summoned to the director’s office and she almost returned to battle: – Come in, Igor Petrovich is waiting for you Having crossed the threshold of the office.
I was stunned, at the director’s table was my recent fucking Igor! I froze on the spot and didn’t know what to do, just run away.
Toli pretend that we are not familiar.
His voice brought me out of the stupor: – Well, why did you freeze a young man? – He mockingly said – Come on, sit down – and waved his hand to the chair in front of the table.
“Hello,” I said, sitting down on the place offered to me, Igor meanwhile pressed the intercom button and said: “Svetlana doesn’t have anyone for me before dinner.” Igor Petrovich will be done, grumbled in response to the secretary’s voice.
“Well, well, Sasha,” he said, leaning back in his chair, and he pronounced my name so that I felt that I was blushing — I looked at your resume, it’s impressive, I think you are good enough for this company, however.
– here he made a long pause.
– I am ready to take you, and even pay twice as much as promised, if you will provide me with some additional services, you know. Sex kino smotret online.

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