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In response, Elvira kissed Tatyana’s hands.
And she stuck my fat hand right between my legs.
The very same hand and pressed my hand to her pubic hair.
Oh! Damn, it felt like she was showing me how to wipe my hands on the sexiest places of her body.
After that, she led me by the arm through the sexodrome.
And as a guide, showing me: “on the right is the entrance to the toilet, and on the left is the entrance to the shower”.
And already in the shower began to show how erotic then wash in the mirrors.
Standing directly under the trickles of water, she languidly said: “That’s just you Master has the right to allow the waitress fucked by you to go into her shower or send her all in sperm away from your nest.”
– Eh! Bitch, don’t corrupt my man.
Fuck any of the waitresses my Ilka will not be here.
Only I alone have the right to fuck with my man.
So in order to raise your rating a couple of times for the public, he will stick it in your mouth, but Ilka will be fucked strictly only on me.
– Yeah, the sexodrome is equipped with the latest technology.
– somehow with a whistle escaped from me.
– Apparently I wanted to distract Tatiana’s anger.
Apparently taking advantage of the fact that here the mirrors are well, very directly close to us, Elvirochka began to wriggle well, completely shamelessly, that I would look at my inside out.
So Elvirechka liked to caress her shameless young fucking body.
And under the streams of water – this feeling of euphoria became a fairy tale.

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– Well? For my rating, give me a couple of disappointments! – As if parading the voice of Tatiana, Elvira gave out a pearl.
And in general, she did not expect any response from me.
Just at these words, putting me inside the shower stall, and she herself sat on the edge of this stall, not only drew up my standing member, but so lovingly seized my buttocks.

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From all such prosthetics treatment with me I suspiciously crept in – and why is she so savoring something? Well, for sure – she enjoys the way she looks with a member in her mouth in these mirrors.
– Darechka, well, wave me a pen.
We both waved our mirrors in the mirrors.
– Well, you also go to the toilet together – suddenly I heard Tatiana’s annoyed exclamation.
– And what! Come and suck you and handles there and wave it.
Damn – it is necessary to see how Elvira’s huge boobs swayed in all the mirrors! Wow! And what her beautiful tits to the touch! This is a pancake at all – not transferable !!! I myself was thoroughly wet, but the thirst to squeeze her swaying wet breasts tore up the brain.
I, as if magnetized with a standing cock, fluttered out of the shower room.
We had to make the whole trip along the mirror of the sexodrome in order to go through another door – to the toilet.
Elvira literally put me on the dresser.
And she arched.
Yes, so that I was clearly visible in the mirrors, as she spread her legs wide and caressed her clit.
– Well, what are you? Darka, a dog, completely teased bitch? Enough there to suck at restrooms – I raised my self-esteem at the whore and let’s go to the table, otherwise it’s time for me to wipe my hands on this bitch.
Yes, and it is time to dance.
Elvira rolled her eyes.
She from such treatment of Tatiana and flowed from my hands.
Directly separate drops from the pussy fell on the tile.
Seemed her body, now cover an orgasm.
So without pulling up the pants, and right with the standing member in the hands of Elvira, we again returned to the table.
When one of us dropped the phrase that we need to tidy up on the table, at the moment from the doll-for-feeling and sweet companion Elvira with impeccable clarity collected all the leftovers on a tray and went straight to the exit like that.
Collecting the leftovers, she also managed and wrote down the requirements from us in a notebook, what exactly to bring next.
– Stop, artiste, like naked yourself to exhibit? So husband, what did you like this time? – Topic.
– Well, as usual, the choice is mine.
At this time, let everything here and leaves only the topic.
Tatiana did not have time to make this sentence, as Elvira threw a casually top over her luxurious huge breasts and asked me to tighten the string between her two tits.
She immediately kissed me on the lips and purred me – I’ll bring the next part of the order.
I literally followed her to the front door, hoping to help her support the door.
Wow!!! Elvira swam out of our nest without a skirt and panties.
And quite evenly, with dignity and with the swaying of their hips, went straight through the crowd of dancers.
This is a sensation !!! Pporn cams.

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