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For a second, she, like me before, came to myself.
Then she lifted her head, saw the sea of ??sperm spilled on her chest, her eyes widened: “God!”, Then she stretched her hand down and plunged right into the puddle of sperm that spilled under her ass.
“Fak!”, She screamed in feigned horror, continuing to demonstrate her knowledge of obscene English, jumped to her feet, spraying heavy muddy drops on the floor, tore the remnants of sheets from the sofa and, somehow hiding herself with it, ran out of the room on the half-bent mumbled in farewell: “Shuzi Mua, caballero, a lady needs to go to the bathroom!” I went into laughter and said to myself that although the appeal was in fact an abracadabra from the words of four European languages, people so freely, on the move throwing such phrase-mongers, are often in fact fluent in foreign, and even two or three.
“It will still be naturally polyglot!” I sighed to myself.
– We’ll have to reach. ”
Talia did not splash for long.
She came out of the bathroom, stretched out on a purely feminine bathhouse-style in the same large, only bright red towel, knotted over her breasts.
I had already somehow straightened the bed and was blissful, lying as if on a minefield between the spots of sperm emerging here and there.

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Talia stopped next to the sofa, twisting her fingers around a strand of wet hair.
– If now all this highlight ultraviolet light, the whole bed will light up, as in the beginning of the “Basic Instinct”, remember? – carnivorous smiling, she asked.
– Do you want to kill me the same way? – I was comically horrified.
Talia sat next to me on the edge of the sofa: – Kill you? Stupid! If I had my will, I would only do that I would care and cherish you.
You believe

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, I have already forgotten, when in general I finished, but in order so.
I thought that from there it was already nothing to stand out.
You see, everything depends on my partner, and you are just a magician and a magician of some kind.
And your eyes are blue, blue.
I felt as if in the St George Hall I was being handed at least a Hero’s star.
And everything else is, for the second time, a side dish for the main course, and this is only because the main activity cannot be done continuously due to physiological characteristics, and the so-called moral and ethical conventions.
If at least half of the feeling that Talia put into her words, at least half of the happiness that glows in her eyes is true, then at this moment I am the happiest of mortals! Even if most of this may well be, alas, professional lies, it doesn’t matter – as said, as presented! What a compliment to me, the male – the crown of creation and the center of the universe! How much respect and tact! And about my eyes, whose color is not really blue, but – a great rarity – blue. Online video hot sex.

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