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By this time I was already a well-formed girl with a good figure and a very good face.
At the end of the hostel, a solid party was waiting for me, my parents had long ago agreed with the groom, a very influential earl, whom I had never seen.
A year before the end of the pension, in the summer, I arrived in my hometown with my parents.
This is where it all happened.
We were visited by some distant relative of the father.
A young officer who recently arrived from America.
From the very first day this cheeky, if not arrogant person began to care for me.
He was unpleasant to me and I avoided his company.
But once the parents went to Madrid.
At the funeral of some aunts, and my obsessive fan went astride a friend in a city.
I sat in the living room on the couch and read when my officer suddenly appeared.
Muttering something about a horse that knocked its leg.
He sat down next to me.
In short, he raped me here on the couch.
Oh, it was awful! His rough hands were tearing at my clothes, a sweaty body pinned me to the sofa. Online sex video indian.

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