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Live sex chat couple.
“But you can’t be in one body, unless, of course, you were given immortality?” – You’re right, my cherry.
I live like any other cockroach, at the same risk.
I regularly crushed.
– But how are you coming back? – I was curious.
– Leaving one body, I immediately reborn in another.
But I never know where I will be next time.
It is not in my power.
Hard, of course, but what can you do.
Suddenly I felt pity for this little black creature.
“And will you remain a cockroach forever?” He shook his head.
– The spell will be removed from me when the number of women who have made me happy has reached one million.
– And how much more do you still lack? – Ten.
“I am at your service,” I exclaimed sincerely and spread my legs wide.
– I beg.
He smiled how cockroaches can smile.
“Ah, my dear, I would gladly serve you, but according to the conditions set for me, it must be a million different women.”
I leaned over, looked into his eyes.
And behind the proud gaze of a loving cockroach, she saw a soul tormented by sufferings.
– Let me help you.
Today I will invite girlfriends, we will have a party, and you can achieve the desired result without leaving my apartment.
“I will look forward to this opportunity,” he bowed.
– And now, my sweetie, lie down and I will show you my gratitude.
I obeyed, watching as he ran along the chest and stomach, settled between his legs.
Again he raised me to the transcendental peak of bliss, and I fell asleep.
At first, she thought that Jacques again wanted to show me her amazing abilities, but, opening her eyes, she saw an eerie sight. Live sex chat couple.

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