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While his chum proudly protruded the enormous size of the male virtues, swollen with lust, Alexander, under the pubis, rested a small, wrinkled cucumber.
Even if he were not her brother, the very idea of ??copulating with him would be disgusting to her.
“After all, they were sitting in the same prison, why is he like this?” Thought Alexandra.
Encouraged by the sidekick, Alexander timidly stepped toward her.
He cannot refuse them either! Alexandra waved her ax, and divided its skull into two equal parts.
Koresh had sobered him in a moment, they were blown away like a wind.
Alexandra got dressed and, without looking at Alexander, went to the colony.
There they knew her, they remembered, and without unnecessary formalities, they arranged a meeting with the Pakhan.
He immediately sensed the change that occurred in her: Did something serious happen? I killed Alexander.
Who knows about this? We lived “Leader”, and his three chums.
They immediately disappeared.
Do you have money? Oh yes, where are you from?
I knew everything about the “Leader”, it was him who hid me behind him.
I wanted to kick his ass, but I couldn’t get out.
But now come out.
It’s time.
He handed her a wad of money: Do not go home.
From here – straight to the station.
You take a ticket to Pankratovka, take a bus to Lesnoy, and from there you can board a freeway to raft down.
Ask how to get to Prokhorov zaimka.
Remember? There wait for me.
I’m with the “Leader” quits, and come to you.
Spit on the “Leader”! I will have a baby from you! Thanks for the child.
This is a joyful gift for me.
But I can’t forgive the “Leader” of betrayal, – he kissed her, and escorted her from the camera.
A week later, Alexandra was at Prokhorovo zaimka.
The owner, a power-hungry man of about fifty, from the

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“former”, accepted her cordially.
He lived alone, no one word to speak.

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I asked about Pahan, and didn’t get any more questions from Alexander.
He told her various stories about the capital, in which he once lived, about the Moscow elite, which is not suitable for decks to some “cons”, about women, about their love adventures.
But he did not touch Alexander, he respected the authority of Pahan.
Apparently, they were bound in the past by something that he could not step over.
– “Plow” – a man! – he said.
– A “Leader” – bastard. ”
Alexandra herself knew this and agreed with him.
Two months later, the messenger from Pahan brought money, a lot of money.
He drank two glasses of vodka, paused, then said: We ran together.
On the way we visited the “Leader”.
He would immediately have his “feather”, and he began to read lectures.
Well, you know “Plow”.
He used to have a crybiter – “The Intelligent”.
It later became the “tillage”.
About me “Leader” said? – asked Alexander.
About you! Before his death, he wanted to raise a scum, a scumbag, he is a scumbag, at least in prison, at least in freedom.
Sit “Plow” at the table, brought the bottle, and her head and cut it.
I, of course, had time to pee him, but, and “Pakhan” in my arms died.
I asked to apologize to you and, here, I handed over the money.
Guilty – I could not bury, I had to make legs.
Alexandra was agitated, burst into tears.
The owner of the borrowing liked it: a woman cries at the prisoner! Sat down at the table, remembered.
Then Alexandra decided to bury “Pahan” according to Christian tradition.
They arranged a funeral.
They poured a mound, put a cross, formed a grave.
Beautiful such a place, between two huge cedar.
Again remembered.
The envoy “Pakhana” offered to take Alexander wherever he wishes.
She looked inquiringly at the owner of the loan.
He pulled his head into his shoulders, spread his hands: decide yourself, they say.
Alexandra stayed.
Four months later, in this very hut, I was born, your humble servant! 9 I did not interrupt my interlocutor with a single word.
The night was ending.
The sky in the east brightened.
In the crowns sang, birds whistled.
At his request, I had to describe this story.
As a journalist, I had a hundred questions.
But I understood that the person had already told me too much, told what he wanted, what he could, what was allowed to me to know.
What other questions could there be! Having caught my hesitations, he was the first to break the silence: This is an improvised grave of “The Plow”, then he saved my mother! I understood that from your story, ”I said, and fell silent.
Do you want to know the story to the end? – he asked.
There is no end to history! – I replied with a phrase from the outline.
That’s for sure! Like any other story, this is also not over.
My father, count, is buried here. Live sex cam stream.

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