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Without Klavka Lariska is nothing, it would be zero.
Lina could not get warm, left her thoughts, and began to do gymnastics.
But it did not get any warmer.
Then she started dragging bags of cereal from one corner to another.
Dragging the bags of thirty, warmed up, but his legs and hands continued to stiffen.
Thermal insulation in the refrigerator was good, the outside did not get heat here, because here the meat was kept in the cells.
“How much longer can I sit here? God help me! I don’t know if my prayer will reach you through these thick concrete walls, if you hear it, but if you hear, can you help my sinful soul, do you want to? I know that I have angered you, but it’s you and God to forgive us sins.
After you did not let me die on that wedding night, then from the blow of the decanter on the head, it would be unfair of you to allow me to freeze alive here.

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You only hear me, forgive me, and I will henceforth.
I will be your obedient slave, and will try no more to sin.
»At this moment the metal latch has clanged.
Apparently, God heard her prayer and inspired someone to release her from stone captivity.
The shocked Simon Pavlovich, seeing Lina alive and healthy, was overwhelmed with joy, hugged her, and even kissed her.
Lina had neither the strength, nor the desire, nor the hatred to resist him.
Well, you scared us! We already damn what we thought.
And now, straight stone fell from the heart, – said Larissa.
And Semyon Pavlovich was silent.
He did not expect that the case would take such a turn, and could not immediately figure out how to act now: everything was ready for him to take the corpse into the woods and bury.

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Larisa did not allow Lina to open her mouth, chattering without a word, accusing her of all mortal sins.
Lina was really eager to ask why they had locked her in the fridge, but Larisa could not be stopped.
But maybe it was for the better? Sometimes it is better not to know the truth.
Semyon Pavlovich took pity on the blue Lina, led her to his office.
Rubbed cognac legs, hands, gave a drink.
Little by little, Lina got warm, came to her senses.
The director poured another half a cup to Lina, himself, Larisa.
We drank.
All – silently.
The moment was piquant, just one of those when – to be or not to be.
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