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I hesitated, not knowing how to answer this question, not

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to say that they excite me, although it was noticeable if I looked at my pants.
I have long been sitting sideways to her side so that she did not see my embarked member.
I had more than once thought to kiss her legs during the massage, but I was holding back.
– What do you like about them? As if understanding my confusion, my mother asked.
I could not hide my embarrassment and barely squeezed the answer.
My mouth was dry.
– They have slender, beautiful fingers and a very beautiful foot.
– You think? – mom smiled.
– Do you like them when they are in tights? – No, of course not.
And then my mother spoke about a topic that I had been hiding so long.
– Do you like girls? Unexpectedly asked mom.
– Of course.
After a short pause, my mother said: – I know that you like women’s underwear and I know that when you are alone you put on my underwear and not only.
I know a lot of what you put on the tracks on it.
What laundry do you like the most? You probably already tried on all my underwear? I want to scold you, you have to wash clothes after you, okay underwear, but also skirts and dresses from nutria.
Mom laughed and continued.
I hope you will be neater with clothes.
I sat red like a cancer and was silent.
– Do not be shy, this is not something shameful, many men, and you are almost a man, it is excited from women’s underwear.
And you like not only to look at him, but also to feel him on yourself, is that so? Does it excites you? I could only nod.
– So what from my wardrobe do you like best? Don’t be silent, I’m on your side.
– I like the black lace set with the red pattern and black stockings with the pattern on the shins and the arrow behind it and of course the black belt for the stockings.
– Not a bad choice, you have a taste.
Did you wear it today when I left? I nodded.

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– Then go and bring it, look you did not stain it? – I didn’t get it dirty.
– Then carry it.
To be continued.
– And you? – Cormorant dodged a direct answer, gently squeezing his hand, squeezing Arkhipov’s buttocks lightly.
– Matter of course I want! – innocently replied Arkhip, feeling like pleasure, indicating the approach of orgasm, slowly retreats, dulled, as if again collapses into an invisible tangle.
– Hulja to us, boys, not to try.
pope each other in popets – nothing will change from this.
world, fucking, will not collapse! The main thing is that no one gets wind of it – no one has learned about anything.
that’s what the fuck is important in this case! – And who will find out here? Hose fucking asleep.
Dick your out of bed dangling.
And if suddenly the Hare inadvertently arises, draw, so we instantly put it with cancer – discard in the full program! Fuck us, boys.
– imitating Arkhip, Cormorant laughed softly.
– Or maybe, Sanya, Hare to call? Maybe it, fuck, let’s pull – in the ass vybem-pokayfuem.
but? After what happened at the beginning of the night in the toilet, the proposal was quite real — quite feasible: to call on Hare now, tell him to undress, or take clothes off of him, to tumble him down, naked, onto the bed and – just the same in turns.
take turns to know the taste of anal sex with Salabon Hare – all this was in an empty barracks, immersed in the night, is quite feasible.
and at the same time, this proposal, which Spontaneously came to Arkhip in the course of a conversation, and immediately, without any delay, was expressed and voiced by him, it was not quite appropriate now, that is, he did not fit into the trajectory along which they had already tasted some of the pleasure were ready to fly farther with all the sails, – they, so naturally bursting with reciprocity, were ready to taste and learn more unknown things, and the Hare was clearly not needed on this path to new discoveries-boundaries: to call now Hare automatically would mean to transfer himself to the role and fucking, and this, in turn, half narrowed and impoverished the spectrum of the untested, untested and unexplored.
at Buklan not only was his cock bursting with excitement, but also with the pleasant, tickling and aching itching of the flaming muscles of the sphincter, so almost physically I wanted to get there – at the very heart of the itchy pleasure – something that would have ripped, would have disarmed this clot concentrated sweets, – I wanted not only to fuck myself at the point, but also to be fucked at my own point.
and that – he, Cormorant, could Arkhip substitute his lusting point in the presence of a salabon? Of course not! And if so, then why was the Hare needed now? Korean models selling sex caught on hidden cam 17b.

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