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Her gentle tongue played in Sasha’s pussy, depriving her of strength.
Sasha wanted to reply to the girl with affection, but she could not, only lay her face on her, hugging her legs, firmly clutching her palms and moaning, moaning out loud, while I was fucking her

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sweet ass all the harder.
Putting my wife on the dick, I held her waist, firmly putting her hands on myself.
And Zhenya, having closed her eyes, licking her pussy, was completely emboldened and wrapped her palms around Sasha’s ass, sweeping her buns and widely spreading them to the sides, insanely arousing her.
Sasha screamed and moaned from pleasure, her pussy treated Zhenya with the most delicious girlish nectar, I firmly dug her ass from above, and then.
Zhenya felt that the pressure of the juice increased, and only then I realized that Sasha was trembling in her orgasm, and when she went limp, she involuntarily started writing to the guest.
Zhenya was shocked with shame and even more from her excitement, to her own surprise, she also began to cum, loudly moaned out loud, first into Sasha’s pussy, continuing to lick and swallow the liquid, and then just moaning into the air while the hostess was pouring a trickle her face, mouth, hair and chest.

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Another strong orgasm covered Zhenyu after this, when I took out my dick from my wife’s ass and, sending our guest in the open mouth, began to fill with thick portions of sperm, powerfully cutting eggs over her face.
Phantasmagoria of tastes and sensations drove Eugene crazy, she finished and finished, and finished, until she herself got along with the example of the hostess.
Everything mixed up in her head, she had so many tastes stimulating her mouth, most of which were completely new to her: the taste of a man’s dick and girl’s pussy, the female nectar, the taste of a girl’s butt’s excited hot dick, sperm and a girl’s golden rain.
She had just given herself up entirely to a man and a woman, a wife and a husband, and this was only the one who started her up.
Coming to her senses from the depraved pleasures, she involuntarily heard in her head the thought “what have I done.”
The heat of the day, turned into the evening chill.
It was getting fresh, but in some places the air was thick and warm.
In the park at this time, twilight rises up from the bottom up, the tops of the trees were burning from sunlight, and the paths were already painted dark gray.
Unhurried steps, two people walked, a summer fluttering dress, hair was loose, in one hand a huge burger was just in size, in the second there were napkins, a pretty face smeared with pink sauce and eyes burning with pleasure.
And he, as always, in a strict suit, confident, taking her waist by hot hands, directed her toward the bench that was in the depths of the trees. Indian sex movies watch online.

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