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Indian office hidden cam sex videos.
We tear clothes from ourselves and from each other, not paying attention to hooks, buttons, zippers and other fasteners that sometimes come across.
The last clothes still do not have time to touch the floor, but I already spread your legs wide and enter you in one motion, at full length, trying to reach you to the heart or pierce you through.
Your legs squeeze me, press me to themselves, forcing me to penetrate even deeper.
The first red streaks of your nails appear on my back.
I bite your earlobe.
You scream in surprise, hands you hold me to your body even more.
Your breasts, then shamelessly flattened out under my weight, then jump at my furious pace in front of my eyes, when I moving away from you straightened my arms without interrupting my movements.
Your moans and cries in moments of supreme pleasure merged with my breathing and growling at the time of orgasm.
By pushing me back and knocking me onto my back, you lay on top of me, not forgetting to help my friend to get into you.
Putting your hands on my chest, you immediately took such a pace that your breasts swayed in front of my face with such a mad amplitude that you seemed ready to come off.

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Grasping them with both hands, I began to kiss and bite my nipples one by one.
When you felt this light, but tangible pain, your “cave” was slightly compressed, even more tightly gripping and squeezing my end.
Feeling the approach of the next peak of ecstasy, I let go of your breasts and took you by the hips and squeezed your buttocks and began to force you onto my penis.
The orgasm covered both of us at the same time and with such force that, having uttered a loud cry, you fell on my chest, stretched out your arms and calmed down, having ceased even to breathe.
And only by the startling of your body, the frantic heartbeat and the rhythmic contractions of the walls of the vagina, still encompassing my penis, one could guess that you are rather good than bad.
In my turn, not remembering any time having poured into you, I hugged you, pulled

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me close and tried even not to disturb your feelings with my breath.
In this position, the sun flashed in my eye because of the edge of the half-curtain.
Closing my eyes, I found your lips and stared at them with a long kiss.
You willingly responded.
Our lips merged in ecstasy, tongues looking for each other to crawl into a ball.
Sometimes, trying to get your tongue, I pressed your head too tightly against me and even our teeth collided.
With great reluctance, tearing myself away from me, you said: “I haven’t been in the shower for almost a day!” “Yes, you and I are like two dirty wet mice!”
Rising from the bed, I found in the folds of a blanket that was crumpled and thrown onto the floor, towels that were carefully laid for us by the maid. Indian office hidden cam sex videos.

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