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I did not allow anyone to my ears, even my husband.
But I threw in doubt and surrendered to him.
Complete trust.
Absolute faith.
His fingers began to massage my neck and shoulders, but I do not think that I would be able to relax even more.
“Do you want to go to bed?” He asked.
Just like in a bar, from his breath on my skin, goose bumps ran down my back.
I did not hesitate.
The time of doubt has passed.
At the same time, we got up, washed off the foam, and reached for the towels, releasing water from the bath.
In the dim light, we reveled in each other, naked and without embarrassment.
I wiped it off, admiring every scar I found and the second tattoo on his left shoulder blade.

Someone, probably by chance, loudly slammed the next door and this knock most likely woke up half a floor. Hd squirt cam.

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