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I pushed my finger deeper inside and started moving it back and forth.
it was very strange, not painful, but not so familiar.
-Yes baby.
With this, I pressed my lips to his palm and he squeezed my face very gently.
damn, even this can’t make him hate me.
I have difficulty holding myself in order not to be cruel to him.
I need it even if it’s so nice to do everything slowly and gently with him.
I put the second finger in it.
And sped up.
I want to quickly insert this strapon into it, impale it and torture – like a bitch.
I took out my fingers.
And she spat on the strapon, smearing everything as it should.
– You fucked me.
time to show you how to fuck.
I put a member to his hole and pressed.
– Nara fucking.
Tries to get up.
– I warn you for the last time.
– Nara, stop it you dare not do it.

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I do not let you.
Nara! I get up again.
voice subsides.
– I’ll beat you later.
And now you just have to shut you up.
I wanted to shove his wet panties in his mouth, but I think it’s too good for him.
I took the belt and iron inside, wrapped it around his neck – I did it, because he does not like the knot.
the more you pull, the more you scent.
– Nara.
For what? He groaned.
And really for what? He doesn’t deserve it.
But, from this I am excited even more.
I am not here to make him suffer, but to make him furious.
I pull a belt and a cold iron clasps his neck.
With this, I spit on his hole and insert my false one.
I start to move in him, I feel nothing but wild rabies and only hearing his moans.
I love his moans.
He whines when he tries to get up, I stupidly pull the belt starting to choke him.
– Do you really want the same?

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I pause and go out of it, stroking the hole.
he shudders.
Yes, he was a little hurt.
I walk up to him, and put him back on my knees, pulling him with the belt up.
– open your mouth.
– Nara! – open and then you will be sick.
– I will not! With this, he closed his mouth, afraid of what might happen.
I take off his belt.
And waving without reporting it.
The first blow hits the back and he jumps wildly in surprise and falls down again, trembling.
“I’ll beat you until you open your mouth.”
I swung stronger and stronger.
He groans, groans very much.
– Naraa.
– what? Silence.
I beast, from every blow it gets worse.
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